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And the Supreme Court Punted…

And the Supreme Court Punted… | Community Village Daily |

"...nothing works as well as race conscious affirmative action in promoting educational opportunity for people of color once you get to the point of admission


Currently the ratio of wealth of whites to blacks is eight to one. And since parents’ wealth is the most powerful indicator of a child’s future success, that wealth gap is a driver of inter-generational poverty."

Community Village Sites's insight:

I love this article. I'm also pro desegregation.

I've been trying to figure out if the freedom of pluralism (segregation) can play nice with the freedom of multiculturalism (desegregation).

In other words, I get confused how there can be both pluralism (Native American schools on reservations, Private schools, Religious schools), and at the same time multicultural schools - public schools, without people growing up biased and afraid of those 'other' people.

I suspect our new socially networked world will help tie the two worlds together.

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