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Here are three things you can do in your content creation efforts to get consumers to pay more attention to your brand.


Tip 1: Headlines

If you want to win the battle for attention, headline writing is a skill that you need to master. In the last three years content marketers have seen a radical change in the way we write headlines. Once sensational and provocative headlines were the purview of direct response advertisers and tabloids, but today they’ve gone mainstream. And for good reason — they work. If you want to rise above the clutter, your headline has to smack me in the forehead and get me to think, “I have to read this!”


Tip 2: Images

Your image selection is critical for both capturing attention and creating sentiment. The attention factor here is obvious: If you want people to read your headline, line it up next to the most interesting image or photo that you possibly can. Hint: If it looks like stock photography, it’s not going to win you any attention.


Tip 3: Optimize

Headline writing used to be mainly an art. Today, it is still partially art, but mainly it’s a science. To understand what content is working, you have to measure its impact, and optimize on an ongoing basis. I’ve written some headlines that I was in love with, but clearly no one else was. And, thanks to good analytics, I was able to find that out quickly and adjust accordingly.



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