Coca-Cola's storytelling: three lessons on content marketing and creativity | Communication & PR |

Last year, Coca-Cola launched the Journey website as its own media outlet, using an editorial, image-heavy format.


Fuelled by the brand's Content 2020 plan, the redesign was described as 'the most ambitious rethink of Coca-Cola’s web properties' since it launched the first website in 1995.


The company has gone from being declared 'creatively bankrupt' by a chief exec in 2004 to being named Creative Marketer of the Year at Cannes in 2013.


But the brand hasn't stopped there. One of its goals is to 'kill the press release', reducing the number of press releases by half by the end of this year and wanting them gone entirely by 2015.Another recent development is the launch of its own blogger contributor network, similar to LinkedIn's Influencer programme, but focusing on new talent instead of 'big names', called 'The Opener'....

Via Jeff Domansky