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Presentations are becoming less visual, as the rest of social media and content marketing becomes more visual. The new BlogShare presentation style is all about the words.There are several great resources for how to create a sound presentation on Slideshare, including this one and this one, so I won’t trod upon that ground. But I do want to raise awareness for a new type of SlideShare that you might be seeing a LOT more of in the future.


The New Presentation Blog Post Hybrid

The new type of presentation is essentially a written blog post or manifesto, delivered word-for-word in slides. Historically, the words on slides are thematic guideposts that the speaker then uses as a springboard. But in these new blog/slide format (I’m hereby coining “BlogShare” to describe these) the language on the slides is a linear narrative – almost like a flip book of words. Given that the rest of social media and content marketing is moving steadily more visual, it’s fascinating to see presentations – which started visual, and where best practices have always been around fewer words – moving toward a more copy-centric style....

Via Jeff Domansky