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Where should math teachers be focusing when teaching #commoncore

Where should math teachers be focusing when teaching #commoncore | Common Core Online |
A collection of PDF's detailing the mathematical content emphasized in the Standards by grade level. These can be used as guides to inform instructional decisions regarding time and other resources.
Chryste's curator insight, November 8, 2013 3:59 PM

Great tool for demonstrating what the major work is for any given grade level!

Rakhee Cherian's curator insight, December 7, 2013 5:57 PM

This article is different that most of the articles I focus on. And thats why I thought it was important to include. When I first saw it my thougths were that it wouldnt fit in to what I wanted to research about. But that I realized that that what I want to write about is math and how to teach it. This article shows exactly that. Whether or not I like common core or standards they are still a critical part of teaching because it relates to the subject: math. As a teacher it is my goal and responsibility to help my students learn what I am presenting. So thinking about my actual subject matter is an important part. This allowed me to think about what the students are expected to learn (whether or not I approve) and allows me to think what is the best way of going about it. Because in math there are certain things that students will need to focus on in order to achieve the grades and levels they need. Math necessarily isnt equal. Certain times concentrating on certain aspects can in fact increase learning. Especially in relation to testing and moving on to other course.certain material will be more relevant than others. I expect that if I ever become a teacher this will be something that would be a great resource to me in my journey to be a successful math teacher. 

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With the ongoing transition to new standards and assessments in the United States, this is intended to curate all materials relevant to implementation of the standards and preparation for next generation assessments.
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