NEW! Common Sense on the Common Core Videos - Digital Literacy/Citizenship Training | Common Core at SRHS |

"Common Sense Media partnered with Teaching Channel to produce this series of nine videos spotlighting how our lessons meet critical ELA Common Core standards for middle school. Check them out for inspiration from teachers and students in New York City and San Francisco Bay Area public schools. See how our lessons align and view the standards on the Common Core State Standards website."

Video titles: Creating a Snapshop of Digital Media Use; Using Critical Thinking to Find Trustworthy Websites; Understanding "Fair Use" in a Digital World; Cyberbullying: What’s Crossing the Line?; Improving Research Skills with Effective Keywords; Online Talk: What’s Safe and What’s Risky?; Exploring the Concept of Online Privacy; Understanding the Impact of Digital Footprints; and The Good and Bad of Using Different Online Personas. The video lessons are geared to middle school students and if you are a registered educator with Common Sense Media you may acess a free online training.

Via Beth Dichter