Jay-Z and Azealia Banks Call Out Miley Cyrus On Cultural Appropriation; She Doesn’t Get It | Colorful Prism Of Racism | Scoop.it

When Hannah Montana starts twerking, is she really just being Miley? Or is her appropriation of black culture problematic and oppressive?

...You can twerk and pretend to be “ratchet” but it only lasts for the three minutes and 34 seconds that you’re on screen, and then you can take it all off and live life as the privileged white girl that you are. Other people of color can’t do that. They have to deal with the awful stereotypes, the racism, the discrimination that comes attached to their non-whiteness.

A comment on the youtube page for “We Can’t Stop” really sums up why everything about this sucks: “I love how miley twerks. its not the casual black girl, big ass, twerk, but a white girl showing off her moves. loved it!” Great – so not only are we into the appropriation and exploitation of black culture for profit, but now we’re mocking and degrading that very culture when it’s authentically performed by black people, only to praise it when it’s performed by white people? Ugh.