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Classroom Practice - 10 commandments of successful innovation - news - TES

Classroom Practice - 10 commandments of successful innovation - news - TES | college and career ready |
Teachers love to experiment, but too many interventions spoil a lesson. Follow our tips to make the most of your bright ideas

Via Barbara Bray, Dean J. Fusto, Ivon Prefontaine
Barbara Bray's curator insight, January 10, 10:34 AM

Here are 10 commandments that focus on learners first. TES magazine's article by David Weston is written in an interesting way. Starting with the learners and not reinventing the wheels are both good advice for teachers who have so much on their plates. The author brings in ideas like doing your research on why something works before experimenting with your kids. It is okay to take risks and the author is right about prioritizing your ideas. Spend the time to research, collaborate with other teachers to see what worked and what you need to do different next time. Interesting read!

Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, January 10, 3:09 PM

Theory and practice integrated is a fascinating idea which is under utilized.

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What does Learning Look Like?

What does Learning Look Like? | college and career ready |

"A while ago, I created this poster A Tale of Two Classrooms.  It wasn't meant as a statement of Classroom B is best.  It wasn't even meant as a statement of Classroom A is awful.  It was meant as a representation of Classroom A and B."

Via Kathleen McClaskey, John Evans, Roger Francis
Stephen Gwilliam's curator insight, January 8, 2013 4:15 PM

Krissy Venosdale revised her Classroom A and Classroom B poster recently to represent "What does Learning Look Like". Some of these Classroom B descriptors indicate a learner-centered environment. What are some other descriptions that you would include?


Here are some of Krissy's thoughts behind Learning:


"Learning is a journey.  Our kids change. The world changes.  We change as teachers.  This morning, I made a revised version of Classroom A versus Classroom B.  As someone pointed out, it’s not a black and white issue. There is so much grey and so much individual choice.  I’m not saying A or B is better for everyone. I’m saying you’ve gotta think and really understand what you want learning to look like in your classroom."

Shirley Pepper's curator insight, April 23, 2013 5:21 PM

A clear visual

Pilar Castro's curator insight, May 21, 2013 11:48 AM

Es fundamental movernos de un enfoque centrado en la enseñanaza a un enfoque centrado en el aprendizaje.

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5 ways to make your classroom more student-centered

5 ways to make your classroom more student-centered | college and career ready |

Via Kathleen McClaskey, Dean J. Fusto
Kathleen McClaskey's curator insight, December 31, 2013 3:59 PM

Justin shares 5 ways to create learner-centered classrooms. What a great way to start the new year by putting the learner at the center!


1. A student-centered classroom allows students to be an integral part of the assessment development process.


2. A student-centered classroom focuses on finding solutions to real-world problems.


3. A student-centered classroom is not about what the teacher is doing or what the teacher has done; it's about what the students are doing and what the students can do in the future.


4. A student-centered classroom embraces the notion that there are multiple ways to accomplish an individual task.


5. A student-centered classroom firmly believes that there is a partnership and a strong level of trust between educators and students.

Phillip Heath's curator insight, January 19, 4:08 PM

Relationships will always be the heart of education

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Stages of Personalized Learning Environments | Bray & McClaskey

Stages of Personalized Learning Environments | Bray & McClaskey | college and career ready |
Personalizing learning for all learners means understanding the different stages of personalized learning environments (PLE). Stage One is teacher-centered with learner voice and choice. Stage Two is when teachers co-design learning with the learners. Stage Three is when learners design and drive their own learning.
Via Kathleen McClaskey, Pippa Davies @PippaDavies , liam ford, Rose Garofano, Les Howard
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