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Rescooped by Lynnette Van Dyke from Common Core!

UPDATE: Common Core Unrest in 22 States

UPDATE: Common Core Unrest in 22 States | college and career ready |
Fusion of hyperlocal, progressive, and global influence. (by Todd Smekens) (UPDATE: Common Core Unrest in 22 States

Via J. Mark Schwanz
J. Mark Schwanz's curator insight, December 21, 2013 10:26 AM

I've been trying to stay outside the Common Core debate but I stumbled upon this blog because it seemed to just present factiods and not just political rancor. It's overwhelming to consider the amount of legitimate grass-roots uneasiness over the implementation. I'm sad that the focus is not more squarely on improving instruction for all. 

I think supporters of the program must rally a fair defense as to why a more democratic process was not engaged in the adoption of the standards and the assessment systems. Legislatures should justify the expenditures for implementation based on rationale generated by a democratic process.

Public relations needs a facelift across the board. One key quote from the article:

This is one of the worst program implementations I have ever seen, in terms of educating parents and families,” Sen. Ed Reilly, an Anne Arundel County Republican, said to Lowery and other top state education officials. “Public relations is part of your job — all of your jobs — and it’s been done very poorly."

Rescooped by Lynnette Van Dyke from Into the Driver's Seat!

A Very Useful Tool For Lesson Planning ~ "THE SHIFT" IN EDUCATION

A Very Useful Tool For Lesson Planning ~ "THE SHIFT" IN EDUCATION | college and career ready |

by Emre Firat


Even though I am a technology fan, I still use papers to create plans for my lessons and to write notes for my own use. There are lots of digital applications but none of them has made me feel comfortable so far. Yesterday I discovered a new tool, the “Planboard”

Planboard is a very simple tool that you can use to create your daily, weekly and monthly plans. Signing up and creating a template takes only 3 minutes.

With Planboard you can;
- print or e-mail your plans or save them as PDF files,
- add memos, sticky notes for yourself,
- add Standards for each lesson period,
- attach files for every lesson,
- set off-days or shift your schedule without any change.

Via Jim Lerman