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So Much Repetition, So Many Posts! Why?  I repeat.
I post.
About similar topics again and again.


I know schools hold tremendous promise for better lives.

I am no longer satisfied with schools that serve purposes other than students.

Our students hold tremendous potential for a positive, peaceful world.

We are capable of building schools that nurture, transform, and strengthen culture. Children can learn with happiness.

Childhood is a precious time, and we need to embrace, support, and nurture children.

None of us know it all, we benefit from working together, sharing our wisdom, and integrating our strengths.

The status quo does not fit the present need. Schools of old served some well, but not all.  I believe we have the potential to serve all if we see schools as learning communities and embrace a broad definition of "school."

So, I will continue to repeat, post, and think because I believe it matters--I believe we hold potent potential in our hands as educators today--we are fortunate to be in the business of making things better, nurturing students' strengths, and building positive communities.

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