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Collective Intelligence & Distance Learning
Collective intelligence is a shared or group intelligence involving knowledge creation and flow. Pooled brainpower emerges from the collaboration and learning actions of a community of connected individuals empowered by social media, participatory tools, and mobile platforms.
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Do You Have These 21st Century Skills?

Do You Have These 21st Century Skills? | Collective Intelligence & Distance Learning |

Active, successful participants in this 21st century global society must be able to:

> Develop proficiency and fluency with the tools of technology;


> Build intentional cross-cultural connections and relationships with others so to pose and solve problems collaboratively and strengthen independent thought;


> Design and share information for global communities to meet a variety of purposes;


> Manage, analyze, and synthesize multiple streams of simultaneous information;


> Create, critique, analyze, and evaluate multimedia texts;


> Attend to the ethical responsibilities required by these complex environments.

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15 Ways Digital Learning Can Lead To Deeper Learning

15 Ways Digital Learning Can Lead To Deeper Learning | Collective Intelligence & Distance Learning |
Let's say you start digital learning by encouraging students to use Animoto or just use a device in the classroom. Then what?
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