Libboo To Find The Next Digital Bestseller | Collective Intelligence & Distance Learning |

Libboo shifted gears earlier this year, moving away from crowdsourced, team publishing to discovery. The idea being that books still lack their Pandora — a killer discovery mechanism that helps everyday readers find new, unknown authors and in turn helps wordsmiths expose their work to new audiences.


The company's vision is to create a better way for independent and established authors to get their work discovered — and to be rewarded for producing awesome content. In today’s world, talent tends to get lost amidst the noise, so Libboo is attempting to provide authors and publishers with an alternative to focusing all their energies on creating hits — content they know has a better shot at becoming a hit.


To do this, Libboo connects “buzzers,” or those readers who are vocal in support of great books and content with indie authors they’ll enjoy, based on their taste profiles. In turn for helping to expose authors’ works to new audiences via social networking, blogs and email, readers are rewarded with free eBooks and are given the opportunity to increase their influence within the Libboo community, becoming prime targets for future perks from authors and publishers alike.


CEO Chris Howard says that his Libboo is on a mission to create a new avenue for books to become bestsellers. Under the current model, it really doesn’t matter how good the book is if no one is going to read it, so by creating a forum that attracts avid readers and sharers, Libboo is hoping to create a ready-made sea of eyeballs that will help authors increase their reach and act as a sandbox that will surface the best content and the next big digital bestseller.