You Have Questions, Quandora Has Answers | Collective Intelligence & Distance Learning |
Everyone in the enterprise has questions. Fortunately, Quandora has answers.


Today, the knowledge sharing solution provider has launched its Enterprise Questions and Answers platform, which attempts to simplify the act of sharing knowledge within organizations, so sharing relevant information can become a part of normal business processes.


Quandora Q&A

It’s no surprise that companies are not always good about sharing information on a regular basis. Most organizations operate on a need to know, rather than a need to share basis, making it rather inconvenient to share with and learn from others.


As enterprise collaboration becomes more accepted, companies will be looking for ways to implement and integrate platforms that not just facilitate access to critical business information, but do it in a way that is engaging and intuitive for employees.


The Quandora Questions and Answers interface looks similar to various help desk forums. Built around the simple but powerful Questions and Answers format, it provides clever tools that help people instantly know their way around and can be integrated with popular enterprise tools like Google Apps,, Yammer and email.