MIT receives $1 million to support edX partnership - MIT Media Relations | Collective Intelligence & Distance Learning |
Institute receives award as part of Gates Foundation efforts to boost postsecondary graduation rates.


MIT has received a $1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support edX, the Institute’s new partnership in online education with Harvard University.


Through edX, announced on May 2, the two institutions are collaborating to enhance campus-based teaching and learning and to build a global community of online learners. It is anticipated that near-term course offerings from a range of MIT and Harvard schools will be included on the edX platform.


The new Gates Foundation grant will support efforts to develop and offer a new, free prototype computer science online course through edX, and to partner with a postsecondary institution that targets low-income young adults to experiment with use of the course in a “flipped classroom” where lectures take place outside the classroom and homework is done in class. Lessons learned will be captured and shared to advance understanding of how faculty and students use and benefit from online learning tools, as well as how these courses may be adapted to support on-campus learning and a broader range of learners.