Mozilla’s Web Literacy Standard, a framework for learning online, to launch in beta on June 26 | Collective Intelligence & Distance Learning |

Mozilla plans to launch the beta version of its Web Literacy Standard, a new online framework drawn up to help people read, write and participate on the Web, on June 26.


The project is an expansion of Webmaker, an initiative originally set up to help millions of people create new tools and content for the Web, rather than simply absorbing it as a passive user.


Doug Belshaw, Badges and Skills Lead at the Mozilla Foundation, says that the ideas and groundwork created for Webmaker could apply to all sorts of projects. There’s no overarching system, no way of clearly seeing the user’s skillset that needs to be addressed on the Internet.


“There’s so many people and organizations doing such excellent stuff around Web Literacy, but it’s a fragmented landscape,” Belshaw said. “Learners don’t know what they don’t know, and organizations providing learning content aren’t usually in a position to offer a comprehensive range of learning activities. The work needs joining-up.”


The first draft of the Web Literacy Standard was released on April 26 with a competency grid, split into three sections, which cover the fundamentals such as navigation, privacy, sharing and collaboration.