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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from ICT!

9 Skills We Must Master to Succeed [Infographic]

9 Skills We Must Master to Succeed [Infographic] | Collaborative Revolution |
April 17, 2014
Of all the things I have read about the 21st century skills required for students success in today's info rich society, the visual below from edutopia captures the essence of these...

Via Dean J. Fusto, Suvi Salo
Smith_Lin's curator insight, April 25, 3:56 PM

Neat and accurate

Jim Doyle's curator insight, May 9, 11:31 PM
The 9 Skills Students Must Master to Succeed
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The Hardest Lesson - Slow Progress Is Better Than NO Progress

The Hardest Lesson - Slow Progress Is Better Than NO Progress | Collaborative Revolution |
The Hardest Lesson
I am and so will always be impatient. My mind thinks 100 mph even if my body can't always match that these days. I saw this note and…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The Hardest Collaboration Lesson
Collaboration is HARD, but necessary. We can't do anything alone anymore. Everything requires a team and sometimes those teams are scattered around the world.

This post shares two lessons I learned the hard way. This means I was tied down and forced to understand (lol). First lesson was as you treat yourself is how the world treats you so Go Easy.

Second lesson is PROGRESS is anything and everything. The linked story shares the slow recovery from chemo. Slow because there was no other choice, but progress was made and I returned to the "fast lane" again. In the fast lane my selective memory erases the memory of those SLOW days.

All goals are reached because a team of people keeps battling the communication and collaboration issues required to achieve some great result. I'm working with the Atlantic BT ( team to create Cure Cancer Starter ( and we are making progress.

In my mind we've already cured cancer and had the party (lol).

So I raise a glass to the slow, careful progress we are and will make on our little crowdsourcing platform for cancer research and on our chance to touch the face of God when we cure cancer. That is a party I will gladly attend and stay well past my bedtime :).

Thanks too to all my Scoopit-eers without whose help I would not be here writig this or doing much of anything. You guys ROCK!

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