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Content Director's Big Bang: Why Content Director via ScoopIt Explodes Content Curation via @Curagami

Content Director's Big Bang: Why Content Director via ScoopIt Explodes Content Curation via @Curagami | Collaborative Revolution |

Content Director's Big Bang

The content curation industry has been waiting. We've needed an institutional tool that would allow for key pieces of our collaboration to be shared and quantified. Content Director,'s new content curation tool, is just such a tool.

The real value comes in the front end. The ability to craft WordPress content without worry for content duplication thanks to a nifty trick - the feed isn't public it is ONLY feeding the blog - is a brilliant solution to what was a vexing problem. Now we can curate on the backend, have that content show up on the front end ONLY ONCE. TOO GOOD.

The back end of's "business" tool is what you would expect. It combines the spider tool we've known and used for years with calendars for scheduling and the same space to add comments. In this case comments added become the curation summary on a WordPress blog. TOO GOOD.

The genius of this ever so slight pivot for one of our favorite curatio tools means we can eliminate the firewall we had between our spidered content and our testing environment. Now we can do ONE thing instead of two and reap both benefits - learn what content is worthy for our blog posts and gain quantifiable feedback about everything from content subject to headline. TOO GOOD!

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Breaking Up With Google Inbox

Breaking Up With Google Inbox | Collaborative Revolution |

Inbox is great but it's missing one feature every professional needs.

Marty Note

Insightful post about how and why Google Inbox isn't quite there yet.

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The Best Web Conferencing and Collaboration Tools via Robin Good

The Best Web Conferencing and Collaboration Tools via Robin Good | Collaborative Revolution |

Via Robin Good
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great insight from trusted source Robin Good (@RobinGood). We are all in the "online confernece" business now (no matter what our business vertical), so important reviews of helpful tools here. 

Robin Good's curator insight, April 22, 2013 10:29 AM

If you need to review and compare alternative web conferencing and online collaboration tools you should give a look to Online Meeting Tools Review, a web service providing basic information for 35 different tools.

I have already recommended this service in May 2012, but the service has been significantly improved and updated.

For each service included you get a review, a direct link to its home page and free trial offering, and an overall rating score.

With the Basic Comparison Tool you can review up to four different conferencing services side-by-side for no additional fee:

With the Pro version of the same Comparison Tool you can get up to 12 different tools compared into a report that is sent straight to your email without any cost. The only requirement is that you accept the option of being later contacted by one of the companies you have requested to be compared.

Free to use.

Testing methodology:

Try it out now:

Gianfranco Marini's curator insight, April 23, 2013 12:46 AM

Mi limito a tradurre liberamente quanto scritto da Robin Good

Il sito offre informazioni che consentono di comparare 35 strumenti per il web conferencing e la collaborazione on line Si tratta di strumenti software o webware.


Per ciascuno di essi viene proposto un link in cui è possibile: visdualizzare una descrizione del servizio e delle sue principali caratteristiche; andare alla home page del servizio; scaricare o registrarsi alla versione trial


I criteri in base a cui vengono esaminati i servizi di web conferenging sono: 

usabilità, funzionalità, meeting setup, installazione, trasparenza costi, sicurezza supporto piattaforma e score overall e sono spiegati qui:


In questa pagina è; possibile selezionare due o più servizi per poterne confrontare direttamente le caratteristiche in base agli 8 criteri persei in considerazione



Carl Heine's curator insight, June 12, 2013 9:32 AM

Here's a comparison we'll keep handy as we continue to provide effective solutions for Web conferencing on CoolHub.

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CES 2015 High End Audio Review Video With Drew via @Moon_Audio

Audio Guru Drew Baird
Great HOA today with founder Drew Baird on CES 2015. Drew and Nichole rocked this first video and lots of cool new audio tech covered.

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Make Conent More Viral Via Twitter with Click to Tweet

Make Conent More Viral Via Twitter with Click to Tweet | Collaborative Revolution |
Click to Tweet lets you easily create "Tweet about this" links to use on your website, blog, or Twitter. To start using the service, visit (no signup required). Write the messa...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cool. Easy. Will be using. 

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