Product Development Drives You A Little Crazy, But That's Okay [movie] | Collaborative Revolution |

The Product Development Journey
This is such a great film about the product development journey I had to share, something Netflix doesn't make easy. The product development journey is always the same and it has three distinct phases:

I. Optimism and HOPE for the future as you define scope and goals.

II. Mission creep and desperation as your scope and goals overwhelm.

III. Accomplishment and release as you let go of your creation.

I've started four companies been involved in more than 50 product development life cycles and so you would expect I would know what to expect. Not so much as it turns out.

There is so much PAIN, something this film depicts so well, and in creating anything magical thinking is required. Magical thinking in the form of FORGETTING is why we create again. If product development always felt like Phase II we would all jump off the roof and NEVER create another product. 

But we do because there is no high that matches that achieved by creating something. We have two very big somethings coming up: - crowdfunding cancer research. - shop to cure cancer. 

And I am about to jump off the roof. We are stumbling forward in the expected painful way, but magical thinking means I don't remember that product development is always like this full of uncertainty and doubt until it isn't and then that high lasts about a week and its time to create again. 

If you are compassionate and want to stop a man from jumping off the roof please join our Cure Cancer Buzz Team 

and help beat the #curecancer drum in October when we launch or cheer as I jump off the roof (lol). M