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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The Lean Design Movement Book Project - Publishing A Book In 3 Weeks (Submission Deadline 10.31)

The Lean Design Movement Book Project - Publishing A Book In 3 Weeks (Submission Deadline 10.31) | Collaborative Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

My 3 post-cancer BHAGs are DONE! We launched the last of my triptych last week when joined and they join my 2010 bicycle ride to "cure cancer" across America. 

So now that I'm a man of leisure I've decided to print a book about the Lean Design Movement in 3 weeks. Today I had an epiphany.

Thought it was a stroke at first, but nope an honest to goodness epiphany. Here are the links that will explain the Lean Design Movement: Scoopit Overview 

I’ve invited great friends and writers to draft off of the concept feeding it into their particular expertise or loves. I asked @RobinGood to write about cool tools, Guillaume and Ally to share how creating a cool tool like helps the movement (asked Kelly and team too). 

I am paying all printing costs and profits will go to the Story of Cancer Foundation. Will probably have my friend Meredith Pratt do the book design and print with LuLu (they are here in Raleigh, NC). 

Goal is to have a book about how the Lean Design Movement changes everything. I left an open chapter. If you would like to contribute 1,000 words by Halloween jump in and send your thoughts to Martin(at) 

If we receive more than one submission for the open chapter we will create a social poll or something. Here is your chance to be a published author and have your contribution along side some great writers and Internet marketers. 

I'm paying all publishing costs and profits, if there are any, will help cure cancer so jump in, write 1,000 words on how something you love and know well will be changed by the Lean Content Movement. 

Deadline 10.31
Send your submission to Martin(at)  


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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Curation Revolution!

Atlantic BT Welcomes Zuckerberg, Brin, Milner To Cure Cancer Challenge

Atlantic BT Welcomes Zuckerberg, Brin, Milner To Cure Cancer Challenge | Collaborative Revolution |
Fastcompany reported Silicon Valley luminaries created a $3M Breakthrough Prize. Atlantic BT welcomes valley entrepreneurs to the cure cancer challenge.
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, February 21, 2013 12:51 PM

Tech Cures Cancer Movement
A passel of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have created a Breakthrough Prize In Life Sciences. This is cool as it adds momentum to our Cure Cancer Starter project to crowdfund cancer research. 

Watch Cure Cancer Starter Video. (

In fact, it feels like there is a larger movement happening. We know we live in technologically rich times. We also know the so called "War on Cancer" is all but over and we lost.

There is good news. The good news is technology is helping cancer patients live longer. As we inch toward a cure for cancer one thing is clear - technology will lead the way.

We welcome such creative and powerful valley luminaries to the #TechCuresCancer movement.