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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Media Posting Frequency? Helpful infographic via Constant Contact

Social Media Posting Frequency? Helpful infographic via Constant Contact | Collaborative Revolution |
When I’m hosting Constant Contact’s social media webinars, I get a lot of questions from small businesses and nonprofits on social media best practices. On
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Hate Social Media Marketing Rules, but...
We hate rules when applied to social media. What works for one may not for another, but this Constant Contact Social Media posting frequency infographic gets an important concept right - match your STYLE of posting to the network not the other way around.

The "high volume, low value" idea is one of the best ways to think of social nets we've seen. The concept is easy to grasp = any network you publish on frequently such as Pinterest and Twitter is LOW VALUE and vice versa.

Like the author of the post and infographic we get many of these same questions, but we've never had such a handy graphic to explain why matching your hatch TO the social net makes the most sense.  

If you've been flooding Facebook have you done irreparable harm? No, just chill and understand how to share what, when, and where.  

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Collaboration in the 21st Century classroom!

We Are All Educators Now: 6 Web Collaboration Tools Boost e-Learning & Sales

We Are All Educators Now: 6 Web Collaboration Tools Boost e-Learning & Sales | Collaborative Revolution |
Would you like to boost learning. Check this article to find out 6 Online Collaboration Tools and Strategies For Boosting Learning.

Via Grant Montgomery
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love this "e-learning" post because it reads just like what I would write to describe how to create sustainable online community:

  1. Clear definition of expectations and purpose
  2. Providing clear instructions to students (or web visitors) in a group (or tribe)
  3. Emphasis on keeping groups (or tibes or personas) small
  4. Close monitoring and support to be provided by instructors
  5. Defining etiquette guidelines for proper participation
  6. Devising activities relevant to the topic

Lol, change "students" to "site visitors" or "customers" and I could have written this post for content marketing or online merchants. Great post and shows we are all online teachers now.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Changing King & Queen of Pinterest PInning Guidelines

Changing King & Queen of Pinterest PInning Guidelines | Collaborative Revolution |

Changing King and Queen Pinning Guidelines
One of the reasons our King and Queen of Pinterest boards have grown so fast is we've created well defined pinning guidelines. I felt the need to modify those guidelines today after being swamped with medical advice from bee pollen to curing cancer.

As many know I have leukemia and so feel strongly that medical advice should come from experts. I modified our pinning guidelines to allow for topical posts like ones you might fight on not snoring in Cosmo.

I made sure to make it clear that these are NOT the board where cancer symptoms or treatments should be discussed. That might seem strange since I battle cancer, but the Big C is an intense journey. Boards from plcs I've been treated (Duke & UNC) are better suited to share accurate and so non-life threatening information.

Last thing I want someone with cancer to think is they will be able to cure their cancer by doing some strange treatment. Cancer is a killer and must be treated with the seriousness and gravity that any killer demands.

I understand everyone has an opinion about everything and a pin about YOUR cancer journey will always be welcome. Pins about how to cure cancer with some wacky idea can kill people and so need to be deleted. No harm, no foul until today when we modified the pinning guidelines in public. After today we will remove "non topical" medical advice and continued abuse could lead to end of pinning on those boards.

We are glad its EXTREMELY rare to correct a guideline violation over and over or end up needing to remove a pinner (under 1% over the course of the last year). Public guidelines that evolve and grow are important. We don't like censoring content, but cancer advice is something we feel very STRONGLY about.

Any post might help you not snore, but if you have cancer PLEASE see a GREAT doctor or team of doctors such as the amazing teams who've treated me at UNC Lineberger Cancer Center and the Duke Cancer Institute. Don't wait, don't hesitate and don't play with a killer like the Big C. Survival requires diligence, strength and courage.

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10 Tips For Better Online Discussion | LearnDash

10 Tips For Better Online Discussion | LearnDash | Collaborative Revolution |

Great post about how to spark conversations in educational environments with several tips Businesses can steal:

  1. Make the discussion board graded, or part of a certificate process.
  2. Don’t hide the link to the forums – it should be clear where discussions take place.
  3. Clearly post all guidelines (in multiple places) for the forum.
  4. Display topics in chronological order.
  5. Tie all discussion back to core learning objectives and include a link to the course or any referenced material.
  6. Don’t ask questions that are too broad – keep the topic focused.
  7. Encourage (and even start) controversial discussion.
  8. Discussion topics in a forum should be spike curiosity (the previous tip is a great way to do this).
  9. Don’t just moderate the discussions, participate in them and help bring it back to the main point if it starts to go off topic.
  10. Don’t dominate the discussions.

At our startup CrowdFunde we are developing a tool to help businesses reap engagement and SEO benefits from conversations. Tips 3, 5 and 9 are great "steal this tips for businesses.

When businesses host conversations they need support for contributors that clears out trolls and spam (this the need for clear guidelines), keeps the conversation productive, fun and relevant so using your conversations to tie back to relevant evergreen content or products helps and joining in helps reassure contributors that a vibrant moderator/contributor is involved.

Via Marta Torán, Ricard Lloria
Marta Torán's curator insight, April 1, 2014 3:13 AM

10 consejos para mejorar las discusiones on line