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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

New Marketing's Total Lack of a Spoon via @DavidAmerland

New Marketing's Total Lack of a Spoon via @DavidAmerland | Collaborative Revolution |

Marty Note
Another great post from writer @David Amerland. Team Curagami thinks David's New Value System post is one of the most important posts we've read (and we read A LOT lol):

I wrote a lengthy comment in a vain attempt to tie David's Spoon LinkedIn Post to his New Value System article. I am NOT giving up (lol).

Outlining a post titled Dissecting David Amerland for Curagami soon since I felt guilty writing any more in comments (and David's, "Nice Marty but please shut up," note confirmed what I already knew - wrong place).

Apology to David, but don't think he will mind our picking up those two great batons he created and sharing how they related to our startup experiences working with active ecommerce clients.


PS. If you don't follow and read David you are nuts. He isn't hugely invested in, but he has written several important books on SEO and the semantic web.

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London Calling Crowdfunding Lessons From The Clash & Joe Strummer

London Calling Crowdfunding Lessons From The Clash & Joe Strummer | Collaborative Revolution |

When the Clash was labeled "The Only Band That Matters," it may have been record company hype, but when I was a teenager, there was probably no band that...

Marty Note
One of my favorite documentary films is the bio-pic about the Clash's Joe Strummer. "That's how we learned to play by doing it for ourselves a punk ethos. You got to be able to go out there and do it for yourself because no one is going to give it to you. Soon became a real big mashup," says Joe strummer.

Sounds like crowdfunding and Internet marketing to us :). M

Such a great reaction to this post on G+ writing a blog post about it:

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The Content Marketing Triptych + One

The Content Marketing Triptych + One | Collaborative Revolution |

Content Marketing's Triptych
In the comments of this post an interesting conversation broke out with the Haiku Deck startup team. Haiku Deck helped me understand 2 legs of the content marketing triptych:

* Cool easy to use curation tool that mashes something of valuable up into something more valuable.
* Galleries where the gold of User Generated Content and fast feedback loops can be easily mined.

The third leg is:

* Creation of outward facing "MyAccount" pages that encourage, gamify and curate a customer's favorites, lists and original content.

You can see an example of the third piece in the puzzle on my "homepage": @Martin (Marty) Smith

The +1 Is you need one more tool to make the triptych work. You need a tool capable of finding your 1% Contributors, 9% Supporters and 90% Readers AND define them based on contextual trust. You can't form an appropriate ask if you don't know what your contributors and supporters love.

Curagami, the tool we are creating with Startup Factory funds, is THAT tool :).

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We Are All Educators Now: 6 Web Collaboration Tools Boost e-Learning & Sales

We Are All Educators Now: 6 Web Collaboration Tools Boost e-Learning & Sales | Collaborative Revolution |
Would you like to boost learning. Check this article to find out 6 Online Collaboration Tools and Strategies For Boosting Learning.

Via Grant Montgomery
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love this "e-learning" post because it reads just like what I would write to describe how to create sustainable online community:

  1. Clear definition of expectations and purpose
  2. Providing clear instructions to students (or web visitors) in a group (or tribe)
  3. Emphasis on keeping groups (or tibes or personas) small
  4. Close monitoring and support to be provided by instructors
  5. Defining etiquette guidelines for proper participation
  6. Devising activities relevant to the topic

Lol, change "students" to "site visitors" or "customers" and I could have written this post for content marketing or online merchants. Great post and shows we are all online teachers now.

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Wiki-ization Of Marketing via @HaikuDeck

Wiki-ization Of Marketing via @HaikuDeck | Collaborative Revolution |
As social media changes the web marketers need to inspire the kind of commitment, support and contribution made popular by Wiki-pedia - the Wiki-ization of Marketing.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Jabs and Blogging Right Hooks via @Searchdecoder & @EditorialIV

Social Jabs and Blogging Right Hooks via @Searchdecoder & @EditorialIV | Collaborative Revolution |

Marty Note: Vaynerchuk's Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook
If you haven't read Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook, the new book by Thank You economy author Vaynerchuk, you should. If you don't have time to read a book read Matthew Capala's (@SearchDecoder) post on Editorial IV:

Matthew's post is a mashup book review and experience share you can't afford to miss. Here is one snippet from Matthew's excellent post:

The importance of native content

The right approach to marketing on the Internet involves a wide range of disciplines: psychology, social science, and data analytics. But, above all, you need to be ‘native’ to the platform you are communicating through.

Jumping on Reddit with your big marketing idea that worked great on Facebook may be disastrous. Why shouldn’t you throw all your TV ads on YouTube? In theory, it sounds like a great idea to promote your services by answering questions on Quora. How about syndicating your latest blog post on Medium? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Great stuff!

Backstory SOT (Sign of the Times) or
How I Found Matthew's Right Hook

Yesterday I noticed a new @Scenttrail Marketing follower Joseph McKeating. Before thanking new followers I like to visit their Twitter page to see what they are about. I make this visit because I'm curious and interested and because I make it a point of segmenting my twitter following into helpful lists.

I noticed Joseph had a cool sounding link on his Twitter Profile - Editorial IV. Checking out Editorial IV I read Matthew's great post about Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook. I'd planned on writing a similar "book review", but now there was no need. No reason to add to perfection.

Instead of writing 1,000 words on Jab, Jab I can refer traffic there, use snippets from Matthew's piece and know that when needed I can send my tribe to Editorial IV to read Matthew's great post about Vaynerchuk.

If that all sounds a tad on the DIZZY side welcome to
the social media Jab, Jab, Jab followed by a blogging right hook.Let's call the connection I made yesterday with Joseph and Editorial IV "social media curation". Matthew is writer/Internet marketing thinker I already follow,, but Editorial IV created the chance to riff on top of Matthew's amazing Jab, Jab post.

To complete the circle, now I may write a post or two for Editorial IV. Welcome to the world of "social media curation" and blogging right hooks.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

CrowdFunde B2B Priority Question: UGC or Social Shares?

CrowdFunde B2B Priority Question: UGC or Social Shares? | Collaborative Revolution |
CrowdFunde Question Re: B2B Content Marketing: What's More Important User Generated Content    #UGC  , Social Shares or both?
Working on our Business…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Interesting question came up in our business model brainstorm at Triangle Starutp Factory today. What is more valuable to a B2B content marketer User Generated Content or Social Shares? Or do most B2B content marketers not think about their content stripped to its SEO parts? 

Any thoughts you have would be a huge help. Thanks. Marty, Phil and Frank.  

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Rise Of Citizen Journalists & Social Journalism: NewsMeBack (NewsMeBack #startup)

Rise Of Citizen Journalists & Social Journalism: NewsMeBack (NewsMeBack #startup) | Collaborative Revolution |
The latest from NewsMeBack (@NewsMeBack). I'm interested in future of the news and specially in citizen journalism
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Got a chance to "meet" NewsMeBack's founder Milan Pavlovic on G+ and asked about his cool graphic. Milan shared NewMeBack's URL and I love the mission.

If newspapers are DEAD and GONE what's next? A cousin of my startup NewsMeBack answers that question with a tool we can use to crowdsource news that matters to us from friends and loose social connections.

Very cool!

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Free Web Consulting Saturday Is Back - ScentTrail Marketing

Free Web Consulting Saturday Is Back - ScentTrail Marketing | Collaborative Revolution |

Free Web Consulting Every Saturday
Every Saturday I have lunch at a favorite cafe in Durham, NC (Saladelia on University) and invite anyone who has questions about and would like to discuss Internet marketing, website design or social media to join me.

What: Free Web Consulting Saturdays
Where: Saladelia Cafe on University, Durham, NC
Why: Give back, help answer questions, learn from SMBs
Who: Small to medium sized businesses who need IM help.

Follow @Scenttrail on twitter to know if Free Web Saturdays is ON (it is most Saturdays) and bring your web design and Internet marketing questions. 

malek's curator insight, February 15, 8:15 AM

Time to learn from Mary, the Master himself

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Is 'Content Shock' Just Another Scare? - Curatti

Is 'Content Shock' Just Another Scare? - Curatti | Collaborative Revolution |
At what point does the exponential increase in content production make the cost of trying to grab and hold attention no longer cost-effective?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Unknowingly Jan wrote the perfect lead in to my Tuesday Curatti post, Why There Is A Curatti In Your Future. Jan makes great points about why we are likely to innovate our way out of the coming "content shock" discussed by Mark Schaefer and Guillaume Decugis last week. 

Great post and a must read.  

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Digital Identity and Access Management!

Complex Content? Chunk It Like This [Infographic]

Complex Content? Chunk It Like This [Infographic] | Collaborative Revolution |
One of the main concepts that leads to successful e-Learning course design is information chunking. But what is chunking? Why is it embedded in the world of instructional design? And what kind of chunking strategies can an ...

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge, Dennis T OConnor, Frank J. Klein
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cool HOW TO infographic about how to "chunk' complex ideas into simplier, easy to remember frames. I like to use the Heath Brothers Made To Stick idea of presenting the NEW with an aid people are already familiar with.

The best example of this presenting NEW from OLD is how the Heath brothers (Chip and Dan) put a piece of simulated duct tape on their book. Great visual messaging since duct tape instatnly communicates STICKY. 

Rob Hatfield, M.Ed.'s curator insight, January 10, 7:04 PM

Nice infographic on how to and what to "chunk" for e-learning content. Thank you for sharing.

Noland Hoshino's comment, January 25, 1:43 PM
Like I've always said about the flood of information people put out -- you've got to "Chunk it"
Noland Hoshino's comment, January 25, 1:43 PM
Like I've always said about the flood of information people put out -- you've got to "Chunk it"
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The Collaboration Economy Video via @Visually

The internet is igniting a boom in the collaborative economy. From homes to food, just about everything is being shared. This video explains how it isn't onl...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great video, but beware. Sound is LOUD at first.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Haiku Deck One of 5 "Secret" and Disruptive Content Curation Tools - Atlantic BT

Haiku Deck One of 5 "Secret" and Disruptive Content Curation Tools - Atlantic BT | Collaborative Revolution |

5 Secret & Disruptive Content Curation Tools
* Haiku Deck.
* Pinterest.
* GooglePlus.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Ambassador Programs = Foundation of Online Community & Here's @Moon_Audio

Ambassador Programs = Foundation of Online Community & Here's @Moon_Audio | Collaborative Revolution |

Ambassador Programs
Our startup Curagami ( changed its mind recently. We used to advise clients to build enough content marketing that authority was established THEN ask for Ambassadors.

Ambassadors, those willing to help a website with content, share sand market insight are invaluable. Ambassadors create the foundation for online community.

We changed our mind because of the 1:9:90 Rule:

1% Contributors - will provide meaningful User Generated Content.

9 % Supporters - will share, like and vote on content especially when it comes from the 1% Contributors (or Ambassadors).

90% Read - important passive consumers of your site's content.

We realized each of those cohorts is coming to your site DAY ONE, so if you don't have an ASK you miss including potential contributors. We now suggest sites create Ambassador Programs as one of the first if not the first thing they do. We suggest writing your About page and #2 on the list of web development is creating copy for your Ambassador Program.

Here is copy we helped pen for Moon Audio online retailer of the best audio cables in the world that make headphones sound amazing:

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Lists: 10 Reasons to Take a Fresh Look (Monty Python style) | via @listly

Lists: 10 Reasons to Take a Fresh Look (Monty Python style) | via @listly | Collaborative Revolution |

Have you seen slidedecks or infographics that look like lists? Media is morphing with a focus on reuse. We all want to get more with less. Are you experimenting?

Agree and there is something MAGICAL in the backend about the stacked list. Google love 'em. Also agree that lists provide a cool social opportunity because lists are UNIVERSAL.

Doesn't matter if you are an American, German or Italian we bet you make lists. LIsts are the crib sheet of our too busy and technically overwhelmed lives.

Looking for socially engaging content, and WHO ISN'T, we have a single word for you LISTS.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Being A Bully Is Being An Idiot In A Social / Mobile / Connected Time

Being A Bully Is Being An Idiot In A Social / Mobile /  Connected Time | Collaborative Revolution |
I just received an email from a woman who had a bad experience with a photographer in Myrtle Beach, SC and left him a 2 star review. He is now threatening… - Martin W. Smith - Google+
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Two Kinds of Brands / Companies
There are 2 kinds of companies, brands and people these days.

*Those who GET IT.
* Those who don't.

Get it means understanding how butterfly wings flapping in China impacts your brand here and now thanks to the social / mobile web. In this post someone threatens to sue someone who placed a factual review on Google.

The threat immediately makes the person who placed the review correct. As I wrote for @Kelly Hungerford on the blog - there are SAFETY tips any company, brand or person needs to be aware of such as don't threaten customers with lawyres when they "damaged" your "pefect review" record  online. 

Want to see some damages? Keep being an idiot. As I noted in the post on G+, the crazy clueless person who threatens their customers starts living in the "red zone".

The online "red zone" is waiting for a mob related tipping point. BTW, nothing creates a tipping point faster than porn, humor and controversy. Once that tipping point is reached any attempt to undo the damage only makes it worse. Any protest simply confirms the opposition.

CONTENT IS A WEAPON now and God help those who forget how powerful a weapon.  

Janna Lusk's curator insight, July 17, 11:29 PM

The wisest businessperson will say thank you for honest feedback.

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Can't Be BOUGHT, Must Be Given! Earn A Collector's Curagami Polo & #helpastartup

Can't Be BOUGHT, Must Be Given! Earn A Collector's Curagami Polo & #helpastartup | Collaborative Revolution |

Our Startup Factory funded content marketing ROI tool Curagami launched into "fiiends beta". We've been asked how to buy our cool Polo. Answer is you can't BUY our collector's polo, but we will gladly give you one for helping with Curagami.

Learn How To Help A Startup

Appreciate your ideas, comments and ideas.
Thanks, Marty & Team Curagami

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Making #love and making personal #branding #leadership!

10 Tips For Better Online Discussion | LearnDash

10 Tips For Better Online Discussion | LearnDash | Collaborative Revolution |

Great post about how to spark conversations in educational environments with several tips Businesses can steal:

  1. Make the discussion board graded, or part of a certificate process.
  2. Don’t hide the link to the forums – it should be clear where discussions take place.
  3. Clearly post all guidelines (in multiple places) for the forum.
  4. Display topics in chronological order.
  5. Tie all discussion back to core learning objectives and include a link to the course or any referenced material.
  6. Don’t ask questions that are too broad – keep the topic focused.
  7. Encourage (and even start) controversial discussion.
  8. Discussion topics in a forum should be spike curiosity (the previous tip is a great way to do this).
  9. Don’t just moderate the discussions, participate in them and help bring it back to the main point if it starts to go off topic.
  10. Don’t dominate the discussions.

At our startup CrowdFunde we are developing a tool to help businesses reap engagement and SEO benefits from conversations. Tips 3, 5 and 9 are great "steal this tips for businesses.

When businesses host conversations they need support for contributors that clears out trolls and spam (this the need for clear guidelines), keeps the conversation productive, fun and relevant so using your conversations to tie back to relevant evergreen content or products helps and joining in helps reassure contributors that a vibrant moderator/contributor is involved.

Via Marta Torán, Ricard Lloria
Marta Torán's curator insight, April 1, 3:13 AM

10 consejos para mejorar las discusiones on line

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The Secret Life of Widgets - @HaikuDeck About Widgetizing Content Marketing

The Secret Life of Widgets - @HaikuDeck About Widgetizing Content Marketing | Collaborative Revolution |
Creating a distributed content network with widgets is a vast blue ocean of low cost, high reward Internet marketing today. Won't be that way for long.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Coca Cola Is A "Story Factory". Are You? Is Your Company? How Narrative Cuts Through Distraction Like Nothing Else - WIRED

Coca Cola Is A "Story Factory". Are You? Is Your Company? How Narrative Cuts Through Distraction Like Nothing Else - WIRED | Collaborative Revolution |
Author Jonathan Gottschall discusses the science of storytelling--not just escapism, stories have real power to hold human attention and shape our...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Stories hit a special place in our brains. The challenge now is getting our stories heard:

"As Scott Donaton argued in a recent Co.Create post, other brands should learn this lesson as well as Coke has. “The challenge is clear by now,” Donaton writes, “Intrusive, interruptive, self-centered marketing no longer works the way it once did, and its effectiveness will only continue to diminish in the social age. The question is what will replace the legacy model. There’s a one-word answer: stories.”

Great post on why stories are important and what kind of stories can gain the attention we all seem to be leaking out our of our stores and websites.

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5 Social Marketing Predictions for 2014 [Infographic & Scenttrail Note] - Offerpop

5 Social Marketing Predictions for 2014 [Infographic & Scenttrail Note] - Offerpop | Collaborative Revolution |
Want to stay ahead of the curve in 2014? We’ve predicted the trends and technologies that will impact marketers this year. Check out our latest infographic, and learn how brands embrace new social media strategies to drive engagement and spark…Read more →
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Infographic

1. Consumer Becomes Content Marketers - Agree!
Yes consumers are a MUST now with Google's algorithm changes that demand social confirmation for content. Content without social confirmation is a website talking to itself about itself. This realization means we need to RETHINK content.

The days of boring services pages or other pages where marketers talk to themselves about themselves are over killed by Google's incorporation of social shares into the mix as a confirmation of Navneet Panda's revolutionary new faster spider.

2. Brands Get Social - Agree!
#1 leads directly to brands getting social. Brands must have a tribe of supporters and you can't create tribes without authenticity, sharing and great content.

Sure there is going to be a "content shock" where content marketing loses some of its punch, but don't ignore the "tribe creation" nature of content marketing. No one will share content with a website that doesn't share with confidence and authority.

3. Marriage of Email and Social - Agree!

Email is changing. Email will become so connected to social media marketing where one begins and the other ends will be hard to decipher. Email connected to Facebook, Twitter, GPlus, and other tools is less PUSH and more relevant community built on personas and segments.

Email and social media marketing are about to become indistinguishable from one another working hand in hand, using predictive analytics that mash Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics data into BIG DATA actionable patterns.

4. Brands Figure Our Social ROI - Agree!

So much of social media marketing's ROI will come from ideas we can only imagine now. Intranets, customer service and HR are places SMM will thrive, help and change the nature of business. 2014 will see much less argument about social media and more experimentation and return.

5. Brands Will Run More Frequent Social Campaigns - Agree!
We will know brands are "getting" social media when their following numbers go up. I remember having a conversation with the last CEO I reported to who believed following few back was a statement of how elite and valuable his company was.

Just the opposite is the case. We should see a growing realization of what it takes to become a content marketing AUTHORITY online including FOLLOWING BACK a large number of followers. Following back makes communications easier and provides more input into a brand's content marketing engine.

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Relevance: The Coming Content Crisis

Relevance: The Coming Content Crisis | Collaborative Revolution |

It's a funny thing how a problem designed to deal with too much information has a solution that encourages people to create even more information. I can't even find things in my own e-mail box with...

Appreciate Amanda's note and link at the bottom to my post on how to get content out beyond the breakers.

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Content Marketing - quick reference guide [Infographic]

Content Marketing - quick reference guide [Infographic] | Collaborative Revolution |
In-depth Guide To Content Creation (In-depth Guide To Content Creation

Via massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cool helpful infographic.

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from :: The 4th Era ::!

The Future Of Content Curation Tools - Part I

The Future Of Content Curation Tools - Part I | Collaborative Revolution |

Excerpt from article written and curated by Robin Good and first published on MasterNewMedia:
"Content curation tools are in their infancy. Nonetheless you see so many of them around, there are more new curation tools coming your way soon, with lots of new features and options.

Enormous progress has been made since the early days of the first news curation tools to what is available today, but yet, I feel we have only barely scratched the surface.

To illustrate what I expect to see on this front, here is a panoramic tour of the traits, features, patterns and trends that I expect will characterize the future of digital content curation tools, organized into specific feature areas.

1) Display Formats of Curated Content Collections
The first area in which I expect to see lots of improvement and innovative ideas is the one of how a curated collection or stream can be displayed to the user.
This is one of the most underestimated and underutilized areas of improvement for content curation tools.

2) Slicing and Dicing
Some of the present-day content curation tools, including, Spundge and several others, do allow you to tag and filter content but none provides a direct facility to easily create sub-sets that gather together collection items with the same characteristics.

3) Micro - Macro
One other badly needed feature, that I hope will see its way in some of the leading content curation tools, is the ability to instantly switch from a bird’s eye view of a topic to the detailed view of a specific information item.

4) Recurate
Another area that offers great opportunities for innovation and for the introduction of new useful features is the one covering the ability to assess, managing inventories, organize and curate one’s own existing assets.

5) News Discovery
The main problem with news discovery arises from the fact that quality filters and algorithms capable of both fully understanding the topic of interest, not just by way of a keyword or a hashtag but by semantic inference, and capable of identifying the relevant sources among so many noise-making content marketers reposting other people stuff, are not easy to build.
The best way to uncover, identify and identify new quality sources and content items may be to employ a balanced mix of automated search filters augmented by human curators that can supervise, edit, refine and improve on what is gathered by the algos.

6) Ownership
The main benefit offered by content curation platforms that require you to curate and publish first via their systems (, Pinterest, etc.) is that they provide you with an existing broad audience readily interested in your content. For someone just starting out online, this can be a huge booster.
The con side of the equation is that your rights on what you have curated as well as the physical ownership of that content is not under your control anymore. And for those already having good visibility and reputation online, this may not be the most attractive proposition.

7) Credit and Attribution
For professional curators the need to properly and systematically credit and attribute the content and sources utilized is not a secondary matter. Discovery of new interesting content is at the heart of the curator job, and facilitating the exchange on meta-data that provides credit and hints as to who has been of help in discovering something will increasingly be a highly valued activity..."

Each point is analyzed with more information and external links. Read full, interesting and detailed article here:



Via Giuseppe Mauriello, Jim Lerman
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I would add

8) Ability to connect top of funnel traffic generation to bottom of the funnel conversion for B2C and B2B. 

9) Tagging content so analytics can tunnel into themes, headlines and voice patterns (that work, convert, go viral). 

10) User Generated Content generation, a MUST and vastly overloaded as important in either social support, comments or reviews. UGC is cheapest content that is the hardest to get, but once the fire hose is open life is good.  

Ajo Monzó's curator insight, December 19, 2013 2:20 AM


Debbie Elicksen 's curator insight, December 20, 2013 4:49 PM

Scooping this to basically reference it for more tips on curating. We are all works in progress.

Russell Yardley's curator insight, December 25, 2013 4:01 PM

With billions of people connected through social media and directly connected with email traditional curators of news and other content have had their business models destroyed but it has not surprisingly taken many years for better models to emerge. 


The widsom of crowds is well known but so is their stupidity (stock market crashes, group think, lowest common denominator in election outcomes...). Better curating tools and systems are beginning to show that valuable curators of the worlds content are able to find their audience and enrich the world with deep insight that replace the extremely low numbers of curators of the past (news paper barons).


Some of these curators will be paid and others do it just for the joy of it. Collectively they will reshape thinking and ultimately the world. 

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

SEO For Content Marketers Preview

SEO For Content Marketers Preview | Collaborative Revolution |

Content Marketers Beware Bear Traps Ahead
Realized so many newbies are creating content sharing 5 hard won tips from the SEO wars might help keep friends from falling in as many SEO bear traps as I've visited. Here is a sneak preview of next Tuesday's Post:

5 Quick SEO Tips For Content Marketers

* Use of canonicals to avoid dupe content especially with WordPress.
* How to safely "copy" or "curate" content into your blog or website.
* Paying attention to Titles & Tags or little things that matter.
* Keywords are your friend.
* How to use SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) as a content marketer.

If you have other questions or tips you would like me to write in let me know before Sunday night and I will include. Look for the full post next Tuesday on

Read my previous posts here:

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