Collaborative Revolution
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Collaborative Revolution
THE COMMONS, THE SHARE, Collaborative Competition.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Papa and Marketing Got A Brand New Bag

Papa and Marketing Got A Brand New Bag | Collaborative Revolution |

This isn't your father's marketing. Sure pace of change is fast and getting faster, but so too is the core of what MAKES a market. The more SOCIAL we become the less traditional marketing works (funny that).

How To Internet Marketing
The story behind the story is this post wasn't doing well. It was at 196 views after three days and looking like it should be replaced. My Scoopit friend Jan Gordon suggested a title change and I realized I didn't credit people that deserved a note since the ideas I was discussing started or were made better by them.

I canged the image, changed the title and rewrote two stences at the top and a few at the bottom. In one day G+ mentions move from 4 to 22 and views are up past 300.

There are three Internet marketing lessons here:

* Don't give up until you've tried at least one more thing.
* Better images and titles help.

* Friends help the most.

When you write something your friends helped create credit them (duh I am usually good about this but dropped the ball here). As my friend David Amerland said earlier today, "Nobody does anything alone anymore". So true and now we can weigh the value.

This test isn't very clean since I changed two variables simultaneously, but figure advocates will account for between a third and a half of your traffic (possibly more depends on the piece), so make sure you include friends, gurus and friends who are gurus. Say THANKS and provide attribution because we are smarter together than we are apart.

janlgordon's comment, June 18, 2013 9:22 PM
Marty, you never cease to amaze me - thank you so much for the mention - the post was brilliant and am so happy you tweaked a few things and views went up. We all have to remember we have 3 seconds to grab attention, these little changes do help. What's most important is having friends that help and support you because as you say, none of us can do it alone especially in these times. Speaking of giving credit, you are one of the most generous, supportive people I have ever met. I feel very blessed to call you a friend and have your support.
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The Structural Communality of the Commons

The Structural Communality of the Commons | Collaborative Revolution |

Thus, commons structurally generate responsibility on the part of their participants for preserving the resource and the collective relationships, while markets generally do not.

Commoners are in charge of shaping the social relationships involved; therefore, they can take responsibility for their actions. However, this also entails their responsibility to do so.

In the commons, it is possible to deal with conflicted goals and varying needs before taking action. In the market, however, action comes first, and then the consequences are dealt with later.

The market is seldom capable of mediating between different needs and identifying responsible solutions because maximum profits is the touchstone for choice.

Via jean lievens
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great defining piece about The Commons.

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