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Hands-Free Branding: Gesture Control Goes Mainstream

Hands-Free Branding: Gesture Control Goes Mainstream | Collaborative Revolution |

Beyond Voice Is Gesture Marketing
This was an interesting post about "gestures" and how they may be the next big thing after voice and semantic control. Opening a trunk with a foot is one example. 

Now imagine combinations of gestures, smartphones and voice activated devices such as Alexa and the future looks interesting, complicated and simple all at the same time. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Interesting "new to us" post about gestures as the next big revolution after smartphones and nose twitches get together. 

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Lessons In Creating A Brand Ambassador Layer via @HaikuDeck

Lessons In Creating A Brand Ambassador Layer via @HaikuDeck | Collaborative Revolution |
Haiku Deck demonstrates elements needed for successful SaaS model.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Haiku Deck's Lesson
Haiku Deck is a great tool. The tool puts a easy to use interface on top fo the creative commons to find images. Using the tool is free and it helps form visual marketing killing the old bullet ridden PowerPoints (thankfully).

The other lesson is how to develop a gallery that marketers fight to become part of. The power of User Generated Content (UGC). User generated content is so valuable it pays to find an engine like Haiku Deck's gallery.

Haiku Deck seeded the community at first, but it didn't take long before marketers where fighting to share decks and so display the tool's capabilities. Nothing is as powerful as user's demonstrating the power and beautiful reach of one of the best visual marketing tools on the planet :). M

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We Are All Media Companies Now: Red Bull's Branding Lesson - Curatti

We Are All Media Companies Now: Red Bull's Branding Lesson - Curatti | Collaborative Revolution |
This post is about branding's journey from Tide in 1958 to Red Bull now with one inescapable conclusion - We Are All Media Companies Now.
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5 Social Marketing Predictions for 2014 [Infographic & Scenttrail Note] - Offerpop

5 Social Marketing Predictions for 2014 [Infographic & Scenttrail Note] - Offerpop | Collaborative Revolution |
Want to stay ahead of the curve in 2014? We’ve predicted the trends and technologies that will impact marketers this year. Check out our latest infographic, and learn how brands embrace new social media strategies to drive engagement and spark…Read more →
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Infographic

1. Consumer Becomes Content Marketers - Agree!
Yes consumers are a MUST now with Google's algorithm changes that demand social confirmation for content. Content without social confirmation is a website talking to itself about itself. This realization means we need to RETHINK content.

The days of boring services pages or other pages where marketers talk to themselves about themselves are over killed by Google's incorporation of social shares into the mix as a confirmation of Navneet Panda's revolutionary new faster spider.

2. Brands Get Social - Agree!
#1 leads directly to brands getting social. Brands must have a tribe of supporters and you can't create tribes without authenticity, sharing and great content.

Sure there is going to be a "content shock" where content marketing loses some of its punch, but don't ignore the "tribe creation" nature of content marketing. No one will share content with a website that doesn't share with confidence and authority.

3. Marriage of Email and Social - Agree!

Email is changing. Email will become so connected to social media marketing where one begins and the other ends will be hard to decipher. Email connected to Facebook, Twitter, GPlus, and other tools is less PUSH and more relevant community built on personas and segments.

Email and social media marketing are about to become indistinguishable from one another working hand in hand, using predictive analytics that mash Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics data into BIG DATA actionable patterns.

4. Brands Figure Our Social ROI - Agree!

So much of social media marketing's ROI will come from ideas we can only imagine now. Intranets, customer service and HR are places SMM will thrive, help and change the nature of business. 2014 will see much less argument about social media and more experimentation and return.

5. Brands Will Run More Frequent Social Campaigns - Agree!
We will know brands are "getting" social media when their following numbers go up. I remember having a conversation with the last CEO I reported to who believed following few back was a statement of how elite and valuable his company was.

Just the opposite is the case. We should see a growing realization of what it takes to become a content marketing AUTHORITY online including FOLLOWING BACK a large number of followers. Following back makes communications easier and provides more input into a brand's content marketing engine.

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Introducing People-Centered Experience Design (PCxD)

Introducing People-Centered Experience Design (PCxD) | Collaborative Revolution |
Six out of ten large companies want to be customer experience leaders, but only 5% of organizations earned excellent ratings in the 2013 Temkin Experience Ratings. What makes it so hard to deliver ...

Via Fred Zimny
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cool and haven't heard this term "people-centered" design but with experience being the new branding it makes sense to put people at the center of design.

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The Most Important Branding Checklist: The Stengel Brand Ideals

The Most Important Branding Checklist: The Stengel Brand Ideals | Collaborative Revolution |

How aligned is yoru brand to its "ideals"? When former P&G Marketing Director Jim Stengel wrote Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profits at the World's Greatest comanies he may have created the most important branding checkliss.

Stengel defined 5 Brand Ideals:

  • Eliciting Joy: Activating experiences of happiness, wonder, and limitless possibility.
  • Enabling Connection: Enhancing the ability of people to connect with each other and the world in meaningful ways.
  • Inspiring Exploration: Helping people explore new horizons and new experiences.
  • Evoking Pride: Giving people increased confidence, strength, security, and vitality.
  • Impacting Society: Affecting society broadly, including by challenging the status quo and redefining categories.
How do your band ideals map? What is your bran's main benefit? 


Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I use the Stengel brand ideals ove and over as a "report card" to inform HOW a brand should be marketing. 

Ferananda's comment, March 31, 2013 6:04 PM
Provide True Wealth.
Ferananda's curator insight, March 31, 2013 6:06 PM

For those who are authentically looking towards creating brands which are Good, True and Beautiful 

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, July 15, 2014 4:07 PM

Thinking about how to use these 5 basic "brand ideals" to create a sentiment analysis tool for Curagami ( ):

* Joy.

* Connection.

* Exploration.
* Pride.
* Society (change the world).

Imagine a spider graph showing sentiment on each of those poles based on keyword usage. Trying to make reviews meaningful, social and visual.

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Save The World Marketing Defined

Save The World Marketing Defined | Collaborative Revolution | 
link to Save The World Marketing session summary for NC Tech For Good Conference

Why Nonprofits Act Like For Profits & Vice Versa

Last week Facebook became the #1 web destination instead of Google. Content is truly king in the New SEO. Internet marketing is the great level. All ideas and marketing must stand up to the bar of Internet marketing. Internet marketing is an organic thing. 

The New SEO
First we were glad to move brochures online. Next we were pleased to be able to create a cash register online. Then Web 2.0 created connection and the "social web" flooding the streets with User Generated Content and new class of powerful gatekeepers - PEOPLE armed with social networks and advocacy. 

Google had a single choice - change or drown. Google changed with their Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. The old game of SEO optimization was and is OVER. The new game of ever rising website heuristic measures such as time on site, pages viewed and return visitors is here.

Storytelling & Engagement
The "inside baseball" implications of a renewed focus on heuristic measures is user engagement and content are truly KING. If your website's time on site isn't going up as bounce rates are going down you are in trouble. For profit companies are desperately seeking Susan where "Susan" is the ability to tell emotionally real, engaging and sharable stories.  

Nonprofits have always exceled at story based selling. Nonprofits fail where for profit brands excel - message amplification and transfer. For profits excel at the gamification needed to create loyal brand advocates, the tribes all brands need to survive in a flat, social, connected and digital world. 

The rush of nonprofits toward for profit marketing amplification and for profit adoption of nonprofit emotional storytelling is Save The World Marketing. 

Learn more about Save The World Marketing: (link to NC Tech For Good session proposal). 

 Please share your favorite examples of "Save The World Marketing". 


Great article from Beth Kanter on the new cause marketing:  

Cone Marketing Survey  

Cone Marketing Holiday Cause Marketing Review  

Best Cause Marketing of 2012  

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Personal Branding Get Paid To Be YOU Like Our Friend @MarkTraphagen

Personal Branding Get Paid To Be YOU Like Our Friend @MarkTraphagen | Collaborative Revolution |

Our friend, fellow Durham, NC resident and occasional Startup Factory visitor Mark Traphagen figured out something we ALL need to understand. Mark gets paid to be MARK Traphagen. Adding Mark to Eric Enge’s formidable Stone Temple Consulting was a brilliant idea making both brands stronger, wiser and better.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Created a new Haiku Deck and embedded.

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9 Skills We Must Master to Succeed [Infographic]

9 Skills We Must Master to Succeed [Infographic] | Collaborative Revolution |
April 17, 2014
Of all the things I have read about the 21st century skills required for students success in today's info rich society, the visual below from edutopia captures the essence of these...

Via Dean J. Fusto, Suvi Salo
Smith_Lin's curator insight, April 25, 2014 3:56 PM

Neat and accurate

Jim Doyle's curator insight, May 9, 2014 11:31 PM
The 9 Skills Students Must Master to Succeed
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Coca Cola Is A "Story Factory". Are You? Is Your Company? How Narrative Cuts Through Distraction Like Nothing Else - WIRED

Coca Cola Is A "Story Factory". Are You? Is Your Company? How Narrative Cuts Through Distraction Like Nothing Else - WIRED | Collaborative Revolution |
Author Jonathan Gottschall discusses the science of storytelling--not just escapism, stories have real power to hold human attention and shape our...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Stories hit a special place in our brains. The challenge now is getting our stories heard:

"As Scott Donaton argued in a recent Co.Create post, other brands should learn this lesson as well as Coke has. “The challenge is clear by now,” Donaton writes, “Intrusive, interruptive, self-centered marketing no longer works the way it once did, and its effectiveness will only continue to diminish in the social age. The question is what will replace the legacy model. There’s a one-word answer: stories.”

Great post on why stories are important and what kind of stories can gain the attention we all seem to be leaking out our of our stores and websites.

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Content Marketing: Content Is Media, Marketing The Point

Content Marketing: Content Is Media, Marketing The Point | Collaborative Revolution |

Great rant I can related to from  @Ammon_Johns here. When I insisted our online catalog marketing would be better off with CONTENT in 2003 I was almost tarred and feathered and run out of town. 

Ammon's point that content marketing is not new resonates, but his point that content marketing is TWO things not one is truth. The Black Friday door buster rush toward content marketing by THE MOB is mindless and stupid. 

Ammon points out that content without marketing is a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it. Noise it may make, but who cares. The content marketing tree is falling ON many teams. Teams, who do the one, content, without fully understanding the other, marketing, are soon to say content marketing sucks, is over promised and under delivered. 

Funny how that works. When we don't understand something, execute it poorly and then lick our wounds we rarely turn inward and see our mistakes. Instead we howl and the moon and say concepts Ammon and I have believed in since we started clicking on Mosaic - content matters true but without a marketing mind connecting it to brand, purpose and mission all is moot and quiet.  


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5 Cool Animation Tools Bring Your Brand Story To Life

5 Cool Animation Tools Bring Your Brand Story To Life | Collaborative Revolution |

Via José Carlos
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Branding Is Animation
Creating an online brand requires just the right amount of visual disruption. If you look and feel like everyone else your branding will be boring and convert less.

These very cool animation tools may help you tell a brand's story in a more visually exciting way because what is a brand but animation, a moving story.

Don't get lost in the tools. Start with your story and let these tools build on your core themes and brand characteristics. Here are a couiple of recent related posts:

Stoytelling is the New SEO on SLideshare

How Your Unique Greatness Meets Customer Aspirations

Those presentations will help you know WHAT story to use these cool tools to animate.

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Search Engine Gamification - Million Dollar Idea Freebie - Atlantic BT

Search Engine Gamification - Million Dollar Idea Freebie - Atlantic BT | Collaborative Revolution |
Search Engine Gamification ties search engine browser, Results Pages (SERPs) and "members" together in a ballet of TRUST and LEGITIMACY, a $1M Idea free.
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, March 4, 2013 4:31 PM

Why give away a million dollar idea? Why not? I learned this idea from friends, lost it and found it again from other friends this last Saturday. The idea ties browsers (Chrome, IE, whatever) to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) via a simple App that uses schema Google makes available to anyone. 

The net impact of this simple idea is Google becomes your partner in your company's search engine marketing. You get YOUR logo on Google when a "logged in member" is searching. 

Three years ago there was too much "login friction", friction now solved by Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus "create an account with social" APIs. What do you owe me if you use Search Engine Gamification to make millions? Nothing but a donation to cancer research would be nice. 

I also stand ready to help anyone create this tool FREE and bet I can enlist some of my friends too. Why give away a million dollar idea? SOT, Sign of the Times and not worth anything locked up in my head :). 

Sylvie Mercier's curator insight, March 5, 2013 8:05 AM

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