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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Media Posting Frequency? Helpful infographic via Constant Contact

Social Media Posting Frequency? Helpful infographic via Constant Contact | Collaborative Revolution |
When I’m hosting Constant Contact’s social media webinars, I get a lot of questions from small businesses and nonprofits on social media best practices. On
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Hate Social Media Marketing Rules, but...
We hate rules when applied to social media. What works for one may not for another, but this Constant Contact Social Media posting frequency infographic gets an important concept right - match your STYLE of posting to the network not the other way around.

The "high volume, low value" idea is one of the best ways to think of social nets we've seen. The concept is easy to grasp = any network you publish on frequently such as Pinterest and Twitter is LOW VALUE and vice versa.

Like the author of the post and infographic we get many of these same questions, but we've never had such a handy graphic to explain why matching your hatch TO the social net makes the most sense.  

If you've been flooding Facebook have you done irreparable harm? No, just chill and understand how to share what, when, and where.  

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King & Queen of Pinterest ROCKING Holidays With 8,000 Followers & 500+ Pinners...Join Us

King & Queen of Pinterest ROCKING Holidays With 8,000 Followers & 500+ Pinners...Join Us | Collaborative Revolution |

Pinterest Community Boards
Pinterest Community Boards are one of our favorite "get more, do less' tools. We've shared how setting up our King & Queen of Pinterest boards was a FLUKE.

Pinterest was frustrating. We could see GREAT curators especially great women content curators but we couldn't get anyone to follow. We created a contest asking for contestants to tell a story in 3 pins to win a prize for their charity. We received 3 entries.

Three GOOD entries, but OUCH. We paid off the winner we didn't know ans stiffed our friend Mark Traphagen (we will make it good...eventually :). Depressed we didn't want to LOOK AT Pinterest for a few weeks.

By the time we could look again a strange thing was happening. Membership in King and Queen was BLOWING UP or blowing up compared to what we were doing before. We remember our goal was to reach 1,000 followers. We stood at just over a hundred.

Now King and Queen have more than 8,000 folowers between then and over 500 pinners. We have more followers on Pinterest now than any other social net other than and for MUCH LESS WORK.



Creating Pinterest community boards does take some attention to details such as:

* Publish "Rules of the Road" and PIN THEM.
* As Pinning Group Grows PIN Rules of the Road Again.
* Evolve Rules As Needed.
* Don't let Spammers get a foot in the door.
* Don't eliminate pins UNTIL Rules of the Road are shared.
* Don't Be VICIOUS about the Rules, be Flexible & Kind but not wimpy.

The key to any community is sharing the good and taking out the trash. Trolls will try to dominate and test any community. If spam runs rampant value goes down for everyone. How SPAMMING is a viable business strategy is a huge mystery, but someone will take advantage.

Some light curation keeps the community evolving and helpful for "members'. We use the rule of 3s. Violating Rules of the Road once can be an oversight. Twice is a test and Three Times is the TRUTH. We don't always WAIT until the third offense to remove a pinner, and we've removed less than 5.

Sometimes a pinner will be so aggressive a single infraction is sufficient (happened only once). Most pinners want an environment where it is easy to communicate, learn and share. A light curatorial hand assures members someone is watching and making sure trolls don't win and time spent contributing is valuable and likely to be repaid.

No way I'm an expert at this. Follow @Ally Greer from or @Kelly Hungerford & @Cendrine Marrouat - from for a few HEROIC community managers who've forgotten more than I will ever know about how to create, manage and reward online communities.

If you would like to pin to King or Queen of Pinterest tweet your Pinterest handle and your Pinterest name and we will add you in with THANKS and curiosity about your pins :). Marty

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Align Marketing To Consumer Journey = Influential "New Marketing" Post Ever via @davidedelman

Align Marketing To Consumer Journey = Influential "New Marketing" Post Ever via @davidedelman | Collaborative Revolution |
Business management magazine, blogs, case studies, articles, books, and webinars from Harvard Business Review, addressing today's topics and challenges in business management.
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G+ Fan Engagement Nearly Doubles Twitter Slightly Trails Facebook

G+ Fan Engagement Nearly Doubles Twitter Slightly Trails Facebook | Collaborative Revolution |
Here’s more evidence that smart marketers shouldn’t neglect to include Google+ in their social media mix: Google+ generates nearly as much engagement per follower as Facebook and nearly twice as much as Twitter. The surprising results come from a Forrester Research study of the social profiles of 50 global brands on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, […]
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I concur. G+ is a great tool for conversations and great, sophisticated followers. Let your competitors cut each other up as you slip over to create real following, engagement and tribes on G+.

Don't give Twitter UP because of this study. Remember you knit a tapestry and each thread has a purpose. Twitter is great for what is happening NOW. GPlus is great for long form content and conversations. Facebook is great for campaigns, pictures and video.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Jabs and Blogging Right Hooks via @Searchdecoder & @EditorialIV

Social Jabs and Blogging Right Hooks via @Searchdecoder & @EditorialIV | Collaborative Revolution |

Marty Note: Vaynerchuk's Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook
If you haven't read Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook, the new book by Thank You economy author Vaynerchuk, you should. If you don't have time to read a book read Matthew Capala's (@SearchDecoder) post on Editorial IV:

Matthew's post is a mashup book review and experience share you can't afford to miss. Here is one snippet from Matthew's excellent post:

The importance of native content

The right approach to marketing on the Internet involves a wide range of disciplines: psychology, social science, and data analytics. But, above all, you need to be ‘native’ to the platform you are communicating through.

Jumping on Reddit with your big marketing idea that worked great on Facebook may be disastrous. Why shouldn’t you throw all your TV ads on YouTube? In theory, it sounds like a great idea to promote your services by answering questions on Quora. How about syndicating your latest blog post on Medium? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Great stuff!

Backstory SOT (Sign of the Times) or
How I Found Matthew's Right Hook

Yesterday I noticed a new @Scenttrail Marketing follower Joseph McKeating. Before thanking new followers I like to visit their Twitter page to see what they are about. I make this visit because I'm curious and interested and because I make it a point of segmenting my twitter following into helpful lists.

I noticed Joseph had a cool sounding link on his Twitter Profile - Editorial IV. Checking out Editorial IV I read Matthew's great post about Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook. I'd planned on writing a similar "book review", but now there was no need. No reason to add to perfection.

Instead of writing 1,000 words on Jab, Jab I can refer traffic there, use snippets from Matthew's piece and know that when needed I can send my tribe to Editorial IV to read Matthew's great post about Vaynerchuk.

If that all sounds a tad on the DIZZY side welcome to
the social media Jab, Jab, Jab followed by a blogging right hook.Let's call the connection I made yesterday with Joseph and Editorial IV "social media curation". Matthew is writer/Internet marketing thinker I already follow,, but Editorial IV created the chance to riff on top of Matthew's amazing Jab, Jab post.

To complete the circle, now I may write a post or two for Editorial IV. Welcome to the world of "social media curation" and blogging right hooks.

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5 Social Marketing Predictions for 2014 [Infographic & Scenttrail Note] - Offerpop

5 Social Marketing Predictions for 2014 [Infographic & Scenttrail Note] - Offerpop | Collaborative Revolution |
Want to stay ahead of the curve in 2014? We’ve predicted the trends and technologies that will impact marketers this year. Check out our latest infographic, and learn how brands embrace new social media strategies to drive engagement and spark…Read more →
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Infographic

1. Consumer Becomes Content Marketers - Agree!
Yes consumers are a MUST now with Google's algorithm changes that demand social confirmation for content. Content without social confirmation is a website talking to itself about itself. This realization means we need to RETHINK content.

The days of boring services pages or other pages where marketers talk to themselves about themselves are over killed by Google's incorporation of social shares into the mix as a confirmation of Navneet Panda's revolutionary new faster spider.

2. Brands Get Social - Agree!
#1 leads directly to brands getting social. Brands must have a tribe of supporters and you can't create tribes without authenticity, sharing and great content.

Sure there is going to be a "content shock" where content marketing loses some of its punch, but don't ignore the "tribe creation" nature of content marketing. No one will share content with a website that doesn't share with confidence and authority.

3. Marriage of Email and Social - Agree!

Email is changing. Email will become so connected to social media marketing where one begins and the other ends will be hard to decipher. Email connected to Facebook, Twitter, GPlus, and other tools is less PUSH and more relevant community built on personas and segments.

Email and social media marketing are about to become indistinguishable from one another working hand in hand, using predictive analytics that mash Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics data into BIG DATA actionable patterns.

4. Brands Figure Our Social ROI - Agree!

So much of social media marketing's ROI will come from ideas we can only imagine now. Intranets, customer service and HR are places SMM will thrive, help and change the nature of business. 2014 will see much less argument about social media and more experimentation and return.

5. Brands Will Run More Frequent Social Campaigns - Agree!
We will know brands are "getting" social media when their following numbers go up. I remember having a conversation with the last CEO I reported to who believed following few back was a statement of how elite and valuable his company was.

Just the opposite is the case. We should see a growing realization of what it takes to become a content marketing AUTHORITY online including FOLLOWING BACK a large number of followers. Following back makes communications easier and provides more input into a brand's content marketing engine.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Own The Conversation, Own The Traffic

Own The Conversation, Own The Traffic | Collaborative Revolution |

Conversations not tools are what matters. Own the conversation, own the traffic means curate key conversations no matter where they happen. Be tool agnostic and conversation-centric.

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Make Conent More Viral Via Twitter with Click to Tweet

Make Conent More Viral Via Twitter with Click to Tweet | Collaborative Revolution |
Click to Tweet lets you easily create "Tweet about this" links to use on your website, blog, or Twitter. To start using the service, visit (no signup required). Write the messa...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cool. Easy. Will be using. 

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Women Collaborating With Social Media More Than Men [Infographic]

Women Collaborating With Social Media More Than Men [Infographic] | Collaborative Revolution |

While men buy into the productivity of social media use in the workplace more than women, more women actually use those tools for collaboration than their male colleagues.

Marty Note
I wanted to write a book called the Feminine Future because women are so much BETTER at word-of-mouth marketing than men it was clear marketers should be sure messages resonated with women. This is before the social media explosion. That thought seems even more valid now except instead of crafting language to appeal to a segment invite them in and ask how they would create your marketing if they were you.

This infographic and article underscore the Feminine Future.  

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A Focus on Distraction

A Focus on Distraction | Collaborative Revolution |

TECHNOLOGY has given us many gifts, among them dozens of new ways to grab our attention. It’s hard to talk to a friend without your phone buzzing at least once. Odds are high you will check your Twitter feed or Facebook wall while reading this article. Just try to type a memo at work without having an e-mail pop up that ruins your train of thought.

But what constitutes distraction? Does the mere possibility that a phone call or e-mail will soon arrive drain your brain power? And does distraction matter — do interruptions make us dumber? Quite a bit, according to new research by Carnegie Mellon University’sHuman-Computer Interaction Lab.

There’s a lot of debate among brain researchers about the impact of gadgets on our brains. Most discussion has focused on the deleterious effect of multitasking. Early results show what most of us know implicitly: if you do two things at once, both efforts suffer.

In fact, multitasking is a misnomer. In most situations, the person juggling e-mail, text messaging, Facebook and a meeting is really doing something called “rapid toggling between tasks,” and is engaged in constant context switching.

As economics students know, switching involves costs. But how much? When a consumer switches banks, or a company switches suppliers, it’s relatively easy to count the added expense of the hassle of change. When your brain is switching tasks, the cost is harder to quantify.

There have been a few efforts to do so: Gloria Mark of the University of California, Irvine,found that a typical office worker gets only 11 minutes between each interruption, while it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption. But there has been scant research on the quality of work done during these periods of rapid toggling.

Via Brian Yanish -
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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from StoryLive!

The Death Of SEO? The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content - Forbes

The Death Of SEO? The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content - Forbes | Collaborative Revolution |

This article is the top of the FORBES heap and easy to see why. "Real content' i.e. content that creates social shares rules the post Panda Internet marketing world. 

Via Andrea Corry
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SEO's "Death" Exaggereated, But Different
I agree and disagree with Forbes most popular article. SEO in the old "over optimized" way we practiced SEO is dead. Creating SEO for your content marketing via the advanced techniques of siloing, bottling and preventing PR bleed is even MORE important in a post Panda world. 

Don't toss baby and bathwater. Real content in a well structured keyword silo with grerat social shares will outperform the same content without the very technical SEO championed by Bruce Clay, Russell Wright and yours truly (I studied wtih Bruce Clay like Russell Wright :). 

Advanced SEO: Bleeding, Bottling and Siloing  

Andrea Corry's curator insight, April 8, 2013 7:25 PM

It looks like we're in a renaissance. Old school PR, your ability to be effective with social media and great content is what will make a difference to getting the word out about your brand. 

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The State of B2B Social Media | New Useful Social Media Report

The State of B2B Social Media | New Useful Social Media Report | Collaborative Revolution |
Benchmarks and insight on how big companies use social media, how they budget for it, organise internally – and track success
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Don't usualy drive into a landing page, but this report is excellent and new. Worht the download even though the form is way too long. Duh, Useful Social should cut the form by half and conversions go up 3x.

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IS TV The New Print? Is Next Generation Viewership Dropping? Maybe and Sort Of

IS TV The New Print? Is Next Generation Viewership Dropping? Maybe and Sort Of | Collaborative Revolution |
[Editor's Note: This is the latest quarterly update to this article, this time containing Q4 2012 data and trend analysis.] There's a strong perception that with the rise of
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Asking The Right Question
Interesting Marketing Charts post about the feared drop in TV viewing. I think that is the wrong question asked in the wrong way. The next generation is MOBILE and SOCIAL so TV is already different for them. The right question is how is TV being curated, smashed, mashed and spun?

Expect a bunch of "second screen" tools soon to help with the active consumption this next generation demands and imagine what their children will demand and THEN you are asking the right question in the right way.


Is TV the New print, meaning will its engagement numbers drop off a cliff? Maybe and maybe not. All depends on how responsive TV becomes. I don't go home and watch YouTube, but I sure don't passively consume anything (TV included) and I am OLD (lol).


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HiFiMan Lands On the Moon & Don't Wait for Manufacturers To Get SMM

HiFiMan Lands On the Moon & Don't Wait for Manufacturers To Get SMM | Collaborative Revolution |

Moon Audio Doesn't Wait
Friends at  sell the best headphones, amps and DACs in the world coupled with their DRAGON cables and you have a lifetime of listening pleasure ahead. 

What doesn't do is wait on manufacturers to get social media. Take a great and well named brand HiFiMan. They are launch what looks like a great new pair of headphones. Can you find their Twitter on their not easy to find blog? Nope.

On their site you will see a sign looking for partners like Let's see what is the best way to ask your potential distributors to queue and be excited about your products? Yep, social media.

Do MOST manufacturers get, understand or use social media well? Nope. Manufacturers haven't gotten the message - your digital communication lives longer and does more than your products. The first and possibly the most important "product" we create is our digital communication about the products we create.

But few manufacturers get that idea. They see themselves as widget makers. Cool, but there are a million widget makers out there. A million widget cobblers and a few self sustaining online community.

BTW, if you asked team Curagami what business we are in it is simple - we help Small to Medium Sized businesses like HiFiMan and Moon Audio create sustainable online community. Easy to write and hard to actually create sustainable online community is the first and most lasting business we create (or they brands like HiFiMan) create.

If you buy great headphones buy them from my friends at since they will pair your musical taste and headphones with their Dragon audio cable. Your ears will thank you and your music will sound so amazing you will want more.

 Music isn't a commodity and will never become one. Neither is the gear we use to listen to the music we love (a commodity) though many treat the cool tech we love as such. Want to save a few bucks or hear music like you've never heard it before? 

Am I saying don't feed the kids to feed your head? Nope, but if there is some extra room find a way to improve your music listening gear. Few purchases will give you nearly half as much joy. I've spent a few grand (with Moon and others) and I HEAR what that investment means to my life daily. Best money I've spent by some distance. 

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10 Reasons Tweet Chats ROCK [+4 From @Scenttrail]

10 Reasons Tweet Chats ROCK [+4 From @Scenttrail] | Collaborative Revolution |

10 Reasons Tweet Chats Rock

(1) You Think FAST

(2) You Learn FAST.

(3) Your Social Net Grows.

(4) Gain Perspective FAST. 

(5) Fastest Q&A On Earth.

(6) You enhance your own online brand

+ 4 More

(7) Very NOWIST Marketing.

(8)  Easy To Do (low cost).
(9) Fun if CRAZY at first.
(10) Can TEST Ideas & Get Feedback FAST. 

For more on Nowist marketing see Joy Ito's TED Talk  


Via Brian Yanish -
Silverback Learning's curator insight, October 3, 2014 2:38 PM

We learn a great deal when we participate in #edchats. 

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith! & Curagami Turning Conversations Into Money & Curagami Turning Conversations Into Money | Collaborative Revolution |

Marty Note
I love me some It is NOT just that the tool is the most powerful "do more with less" social media curation tool my love is also related to the amazing team in Switzerland. I just wrote's community manager, my friend @Kelly Hungerford, a LONG email about ways Team Curagami can WORK FOR FOOD.

Did I build in a trip for us to Switzerland? DUH, of course (lol). If Kelly likes any 2 of the ideas just shared OR she riffs other better ideas Curagami gets a HUGE boost from good friends. What could be better?

If you don't have a you should. If you are a power user like my friend @Cendrine Marrouat - cendrinemarrouat.complease share your secrets and we promise to pay you 2 secrets to every one shared :).

Thanks to Kelly and amazing team for being as generous, supportive and kind as their tool is cool, useful and magical.

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Smart Consumer - Ressourcen zum Thema Lebensmittelverschwendung!

How To Moderate Social Media

How To Moderate Social Media | Collaborative Revolution |
When you throw a dinner party, you dream of excellent company, good food, and constant conversation. Social media managers strive for the same thing.

The World Editor’s Forum recently published a guide and study on the area of comment moderation. This guide concludes with six pointers for publishers to “promote respectful dialogue and conversation rather than uncivil rants and insults, and allow intelligent, thoughtful input to shine”. So what exactly are these pointers?

More details at the link.

Via Lauren Moss, Martina Friesenbichler
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

If conversations are the new social currency we've got some tools, guidelines and social mores to create. Online conversations are a tad on the wild west side yet, but trolls and spam can't support themselves for long.

The cost any network built on conversations incurs to rid itself of spam and trolls could kill the golden goose. Community and social "policing" and hoping the good guys math is always just a little faster is the hope conversation based "dinner parties" depend on as roughly described in this "how to moderate" social media post shares.

By moderating we see what we already knew - mobile is different. Mobile requires maps, games and PICTURES.

Carlos Polaino Jiménez's curator insight, February 9, 2014 5:02 AM

Elegante forma de explicar lo que debe buscar un Social Media Manager. Y un modo de recordarlo en cualquier circunstancia. 

Nine0Media's curator insight, February 26, 2014 1:03 PM

Great tips here! #SocialMediaTools #DIYSEO #Nine0Media

Taylor Roy's curator insight, April 29, 2014 1:34 PM

We've made such incredible progress with technology over the past 10 years. This chart in the article shows the percentages of the platform that online content is used on. It starts with photos. only 8% of time with photos is spent on a desktop, while the other 92% are using their phone. From here, the mobile percentage decreases while the desktop increases. However we see platforms like maps, games, weather, and social networking being over 50% on mobile. The desktop percentage starts to be over 50% on online content like retail, entertainment news, business/finance, news, health information, and portals. While these are mostly used on a desktop, it doesn't mean that they are not used on mobile devices. Every piece of online content has a percentage of over 25% used on mobile devices. 

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Inbound Marketing Update!

7 Tips To Improve the Quality of Your Email Marketing List With Social Media

7 Tips To Improve the Quality of Your Email Marketing List With Social Media | Collaborative Revolution |

One of the most profitable marketing channels online is email. The value of email marketing lies entirely in your list of customer emails, especially since 93 percent of consumers check ...

Via massimo facchinetti, Craig Deakin
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great tips here to do something everyone should be doing in 2014 - lowering the wall between social media and email marketing.

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Free Web Consulting Saturday Is Back - ScentTrail Marketing

Free Web Consulting Saturday Is Back - ScentTrail Marketing | Collaborative Revolution |

Free Web Consulting Every Saturday
Every Saturday I have lunch at a favorite cafe in Durham, NC (Saladelia on University) and invite anyone who has questions about and would like to discuss Internet marketing, website design or social media to join me.

What: Free Web Consulting Saturdays
Where: Saladelia Cafe on University, Durham, NC
Why: Give back, help answer questions, learn from SMBs
Who: Small to medium sized businesses who need IM help.

Follow @Scenttrail on twitter to know if Free Web Saturdays is ON (it is most Saturdays) and bring your web design and Internet marketing questions. 

malek's curator insight, February 15, 2014 8:15 AM

Time to learn from Mary, the Master himself

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Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli & Use GooglePlus

Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli & Use GooglePlus | Collaborative Revolution |
Why Google Plus Rocks: Leave The Gun, Take The Canoli
I do a lot of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. Never ceases to amaze…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Never ceases to amaze me how often GooglePlus comes up as a great way to disrupt a business vertical. Competitors are beating themselves silly on other social networks while doing next to nothing on G+. Why is this? This post speculates and looks at the "inner-mafia" nature of Internet marketing to come to some surprising conclusions.

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Social Media's Real ROI? Workplace Collaboration

Social Media's Real ROI? Workplace Collaboration | Collaborative Revolution |

How Useful Are Social Media For Workplace Collaboration? [Infographic]


I think we will find, in the end, that social media's real enterprise returns come NOT from extranets but from the increased collaboration and efficiency we can create with intranets. When internal working groups are more connected despite time and space distances profits go up even as costs magically go down. The Enterprise is where we've hardly scratched the surface of social media.

Funny when something comes in one wrapper (B2C) we are loath to break it out of that wrapper. Who said Twitter has to be outward facing? Twitter than is inward facing is Yammer. The idea of Yammer, that we can place the random, rich interaction online is needed since we aren't all in the same place at the same time.

The virtual "water cooler" is where we will see social media's real return.

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How Men and Women Use Social Media Differently (Infographic)

How Men and Women Use Social Media Differently (Infographic) | Collaborative Revolution |
When it comes to social media, men tend to spend more time on some sites, women on others.

Via Ivo Nový
Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, May 15, 2013 9:32 AM

It makes sense they will use social media differently. A woman with children might be more likely to take a call or text than a man without.

Jim Doyle's curator insight, May 17, 2013 4:10 AM

Some good Demographics

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Social Marketing Revolution!

Social Media Work Flow RESET

Social Media Work Flow RESET | Collaborative Revolution |

I think this Infographic has aged. If you follow its outline you risk talking to yourself about yourself, a social media No No. Here is how I would rest the ideal 50 social media work week (as if such a thing actually existed :):

8 Hours Curating
4 Hours Bogging (writing)

4 Hours Listening (checking Topsy and quantifying results)

4 Hours Conversations (curating comments, commenting on others)

4 Hours Research, Planning, Analytics

4 Contignecy & Emergencies

4 Movements (i.e. "super campaigns")

8 Hours OPEN


40 hours

I don't believe is schedule every minute of any social media outline. There must be larger blocks for responding, planning, analytics and tweaking. I also don't like "campaigns" as much as created temed movements. 


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Spy Vs. Spy: New Social Marketing Audit

Spy Vs. Spy: New Social Marketing Audit | Collaborative Revolution |

Spy vs. Spy [Marty Note]
If you are of a certain age (OLD) you know these characters. Spy vs. Spy was the most fun black and white cartoon in Mad Magazine. Internet marketing and Mad Magazine have too many points in common to go into here (lol), but this "new world" Social Media Audit sounds all kinds of Spy vs. Spy fun.

Prefect test for our "collaborative competition" theme too. How can you co-opt your competition into The Commons? Why? Because you are stronger together creating collaborative competition than apart trying to kill each other (carnage no one cares about but those locked in a battle royal).

Great comment by Brian Yanish (@MarketingHits) below.


If you're an interactive agency, integrated marketing firm or social media expert, then you need to realize how important it is to construct a social media audit for both your client and the competitive landscape. But before you dive into the project and get too caught up in the numbers, let me offer one piece of advice: Don’t get too caught up in the numbers.

Some competitors will have a massive online following and others will have virtually none. Forget about it. You are going to measure the value of your content against each individual competitor. 

Note the emphasis here is on the value of the content - not the number of followers. Stop trying to look over the urinal partition, because size doesn’t matter.

Via Brian Yanish -
Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, April 1, 2013 6:16 PM

This is a great article that discusses not only how to look at what your business is doing with regards to social media marketing, but also what your competition is doing and how you can benefit from analyzing your competitions efforts within social media.

By analyzing your competition you may find where they are engaging with the same customers that you are trying to attract to your business. Look at the channels they are using, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and what is the content that is giving them the most engagement?