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Lego Block Marketing - Curagami

Lego Block Marketing - Curagami | Collaborative Revolution |

Lego Block Marketing
Keep your marketing simple, lean, connected and collaborative and you are creating Lego Block Marketing. 

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'Purpose Economy' Changes Way New Businesses Created & Women Lead Way

'Purpose Economy' Changes Way New Businesses Created & Women Lead Way | Collaborative Revolution |

As if there was any doubt women would change the world.

Marty Note
Love the "purpose economy" as it encapsulates our need to find more meaning in our lives, marketing and websites. No surprise women are leading.

Via Kristine Santos
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Kristine Santos's curator insight, July 22, 2014 11:11 AM

The growth of women social entrepreneurs

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A Funny Hero Marketing Story via @dmscott, @Curagami & @FedEx

A Funny Hero Marketing Story via @dmscott, @Curagami & @FedEx | Collaborative Revolution |

Cold Pizza & Warm Beer
The link shares a funny story about how our "real time" world is changing faster than almost anyone can keep up. I'm in Columbia, Maryland invited to speak at a FedEx conference for Small To Medium Sized Businesses.

Mostly ecommerce companies, I've received feedback from a similar speech given last year that finding ways to compete with Amazon is a CSF (Critical Success Factor) for SMBs. Team Curagami sat down and put together a new Haiku Deck on Hero Marketing.

Hero Marketing combines Start with Why's passion, Tilt's movement of thinking and strategy from products to customers and Bold's crowd tapping tactics to create Hero Marketing. Sure there are a few other influences too such as Made To Stick (by the Heath brothers) and Blue Ocean Strategy by Kim, but Hero Marketing mashing ideas from those sources and 7 years of competing with Amazon as a Director of Ecommerce to suggest winning strategies and tactics.

I won't spoil the funny punchline of the story that just happened as it illustrates that, once again, David Meerman Scott is a tad ahead of the world. Those who hop on the New Rules, Bold, Tilt and Start with Why train will fare better than those who insist, "Everything is fine" even as the sky falls around the.

But the world is in transition where we can see how it is supposed to work, but it only does so right now about 1 out of 5 tries. Looking forward to sharing Hero Marketing with Maryland ecom companies at the DoubleTree tomorrow.

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Free Web Consulting Saturday Is Back - ScentTrail Marketing

Free Web Consulting Saturday Is Back - ScentTrail Marketing | Collaborative Revolution |

Free Web Consulting Every Saturday
Every Saturday I have lunch at a favorite cafe in Durham, NC (Saladelia on University) and invite anyone who has questions about and would like to discuss Internet marketing, website design or social media to join me.

What: Free Web Consulting Saturdays
Where: Saladelia Cafe on University, Durham, NC
Why: Give back, help answer questions, learn from SMBs
Who: Small to medium sized businesses who need IM help.

Follow @Scenttrail on twitter to know if Free Web Saturdays is ON (it is most Saturdays) and bring your web design and Internet marketing questions. 

malek's curator insight, February 15, 2014 8:15 AM

Time to learn from Mary, the Master himself