& Curagami Turning Conversations Into Money | Collaborative Revolution |

Marty Note
I love me some It is NOT just that the tool is the most powerful "do more with less" social media curation tool my love is also related to the amazing team in Switzerland. I just wrote's community manager, my friend @Kelly Hungerford, a LONG email about ways Team Curagami can WORK FOR FOOD.

Did I build in a trip for us to Switzerland? DUH, of course (lol). If Kelly likes any 2 of the ideas just shared OR she riffs other better ideas Curagami gets a HUGE boost from good friends. What could be better?

If you don't have a you should. If you are a power user like my friend @Cendrine Marrouat - cendrinemarrouat.complease share your secrets and we promise to pay you 2 secrets to every one shared :).

Thanks to Kelly and amazing team for being as generous, supportive and kind as their tool is cool, useful and magical.