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Great rant I can related to from  @Ammon_Johns here. When I insisted our online catalog marketing would be better off with CONTENT in 2003 I was almost tarred and feathered and run out of town. 

Ammon's point that content marketing is not new resonates, but his point that content marketing is TWO things not one is truth. The Black Friday door buster rush toward content marketing by THE MOB is mindless and stupid. 

Ammon points out that content without marketing is a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it. Noise it may make, but who cares. The content marketing tree is falling ON many teams. Teams, who do the one, content, without fully understanding the other, marketing, are soon to say content marketing sucks, is over promised and under delivered. 

Funny how that works. When we don't understand something, execute it poorly and then lick our wounds we rarely turn inward and see our mistakes. Instead we howl and the moon and say concepts Ammon and I have believed in since we started clicking on Mosaic - content matters true but without a marketing mind connecting it to brand, purpose and mission all is moot and quiet.