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Curation Works
Doubt the value of curated content? Have skeptical CFO who doubts the value of "inbound marketing" in general and curation in particular? You may want to introduce your CFO to Robin Good.

Robin is an uber-curator who knows about every cool tool moments after they push live and who speaks, teaches and explains content curation. Robin's Scoopit just reached 1M views. 

Your CFO may say, "Views don't matter, only conversion does". Let's grant your CFO his statement and ask a question. All things being equal do you think conversion increase in some synchronous dance with views? Let's continue to ask what small % your CFO will grant for conversion.

Lets say your CFO says 1%. The law of large numbers says we would rather have 1% of a million than one percent of a smaller number. 1% of 1M is 100,000. Even if what you sell cost a dollar Robin's curation on Scoopit just produced $100,000.

The other discussion for your CFO is to discuss Robin's cost basis. If you publish 1M words with a cost of $.05 a word you will spend $50,000. Even if you have the 50,000 creating that much content isn't always a good idea. 


We've created a new metric at Atlantic BT called Link Efficiency Index or LEI. LEI judges the ratio of content created (pages in Google) to inbound link support. Increasing page counts without social shares (links) lowers LEI and so makes a post Panda and Penguin Google unhappy. 


Curation can increase views, subscribers and conversion without lowering LEI especially when using a tool like Scoopit (if you embed Scoopit inside your stack you may want to keep Google's spider out or LEI can be hurt and dupe content issues may become an issue, an issue easily avoided with robots.txt or rel no follow). 

 Curation, especially when you are as good at is as Robin, generates views, subscribers, engagement and conversion while costing a fraction of the fully weighted cost of creation. Curation also avoids the, "Talk to yourself about yourself," trap 1M words of creation might create. 

Congratulations to uber-curator Robin Good. As I've written this Robin has had 500 views (amazing).  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith