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Medicaid madness:"Look-back" period creates financial hardship for many Americans - DailyFinance

Medicaid madness:"Look-back" period creates financial hardship for many Americans - DailyFinance | Coffee Party News |
When Dan Callahan, a public relations professional from Missouri, learned in 2003 that the Medicaid qualifications were going to get tougher, he and his
Coffee Party USA's insight:

The stripping away of the dignity of an individual and their family by demanding poverty to receive care is a sentence to hell on earth.


Those not rich must give everything they ever gained in life away while they are healthy and before they fall ill or have everything seized and taken from them but about 5 pieces of clothing and half a room with a bed. This IS the fate, the sentence, and the penalty of ordinary elderly Americans of average means. If that makes you afraid to grow old or sick…Well it should scare you because it IS a scary nightmare and that is why we NEED TO FIX IT!!


Many elderly loose their wealth through blundering or thievery of family or others, including legal advisers, they entrust it to early. But if they do not give it away early enough they must completely impoverish themselves and basically become owned by the medical system and/or wait to die. They must pay all they have to the medical system then wait to die or give it to someone they think they can trust with it if they don't require medical help and are lucky enough to die quickly in their own bed all of a sudden. Those that sign everything over to family sometimes find they lose their life long earnings because that family member runs into hardship and all is still lost. The family in hardship might be young enough to recover but the old or sick do not have that hope.


. The old or sick cannot wait too long to sign everything over to the family that could be their only option to live with or seek help from other than the street. Those that fail to hoard enough wealth during their life time must accept a fate worse than many murderers, Wall Street embezzlers, or at least they must accept the same sentence as those that do evil deeds as a price one must pay for living to become old or failing to stay healthy. Woe to the one that outlives the family...That person must be very rich or stay healthy not to become the property of the state before death. Maybe the Republicans can give that person a shoestring....If it sounds like I’m blaming Republicans…well, they did win that fight and they were proud of it, so I am blaming them.


The first fight Obama caved in on was the provision in the affordable healthcare act that would have prevented people from becoming bankrupt and impoverished due to sickness or living too long and becoming old and needy. Even temporary illness in old age can cause one to lose everything fast and permanently. The Republicans went after the ill and the old first ensuring this fate was held in place for them.


We need to put that protection from total poverty due to illness or sickness back into the Affordable Care Act and soon! I know families that are forced to give up even their handicapped children to the state or impoverish the whole family to receive care for that child. I know parents that join the military because they have family members who would not be able to get care with most family plans without bankrupting the family or might in fact otherwise die if the parent did not join the military for medical care. 


The Republicans also attacked the "death panels" that would have been legal advisors that would have been made affordable or maybe even hired as public servants to guide the ill and aging through this legal maze of being old or very sick. This might have been put in place as a public service to all, rich and poor. This was the second fight Obama gave up on and the other fight all of us need to take back up, win and restore to the Affordable Care Act.


Most families find out all this only when it is too late and most families don't have family lawyers unless they are very rich or have a family business... Many don't know whom to turn to and turning to the wrong lawyer can actually kill you or leave you worried and fretting till you die from that. What are the odds of any of Americans becoming old or sick? This mattered and still does matter to every one of us. The stripping away of the dignity of an individual and their family by demanding poverty to receive care is a sentence to hell on earth.



Jacqueline Laurette Jones's curator insight, November 19, 2013 8:00 PM

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Fun with pensions

Fun with pensions | Coffee Party News |
The burden of increased longevity in the rich worldON JUNE 6th François Hollande, France's new president, unveiled plans to reverse a planned rise in the official...

Curator's questions


The debate over retirement needs to broaden. That debate is totally related to the Medicare debate in our country since we do not have a national health care program in place for all citizens as all of the other developed nations have put in place and our primary health care is obtained through employers or must be privately purchased.


Here are some questions that need to be considered:


1. Is there a direct relationship between living longer and leaving the 5+-day work place sooner?

2. Is there a relationship between the increased 30 year outsourcing of labor intensive jobs to countries that have mainly an oppressed and often exploited populations directly related to many of these earlier retirements? All wealthier countries have engaged in this to various degrees.

3. How many retire early because of long-term lack of work as age often means higher cost to employers for insurance and hiring more experienced workers mean paying a higher salary? Not to pay experienced workers higher will discourage loyalty from young workers and undermine reasons to improve skills.

4. How many are retiring because of lack of job transferable training or skills as many of their jobs have gone the way of the blacksmiths of yesterday?

5. How will young workers find a good place if older workers hold on to job longer.

6. Will far more less wealthy people be forced to retire with far lower amounts to live on during these longer life spans? Many right now retire at 62 only because they are no longer healthy enough to work full time. Trying to work till 70 for full benefits will increase by far the number trying to live on the lowest pension amounts. Many job pensions also peg to the Social Security age meaning those benefits may also be unavailable to people who want or need to retire.

7. Will this raise the Medicare age as well? This would force everyone to work 40+ weeks to maintain a status that holds employer insurance.

8. How do we find full time, living wage paid work for everyone? Not only are labor intensive jobs shipped off to oppressed workers, but we just don't need as many to plant, harvest, manufacture, be soldiers, dig ditches, type and take notes, collect payments, do book keeping and fish in a time where we have computers, robots and mega machines?

9. How many retire in their 60s to care for someone in their 80s or 90s? What happens when they cannot afford to do that?

10. How many retire early because they have more wealth and don't have to downgrade lifestyles just to live social security? Perhaps those with more should not draw unless they have hardship or loss of other wealth. Does Warren Buffet really need social security if he doesn’t fall on hard times?


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