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Medicaid madness:"Look-back" period creates financial hardship for many Americans - DailyFinance

Medicaid madness:"Look-back" period creates financial hardship for many Americans - DailyFinance | Coffee Party News |
When Dan Callahan, a public relations professional from Missouri, learned in 2003 that the Medicaid qualifications were going to get tougher, he and his
Coffee Party USA's insight:

The stripping away of the dignity of an individual and their family by demanding poverty to receive care is a sentence to hell on earth.


Those not rich must give everything they ever gained in life away while they are healthy and before they fall ill or have everything seized and taken from them but about 5 pieces of clothing and half a room with a bed. This IS the fate, the sentence, and the penalty of ordinary elderly Americans of average means. If that makes you afraid to grow old or sick…Well it should scare you because it IS a scary nightmare and that is why we NEED TO FIX IT!!


Many elderly loose their wealth through blundering or thievery of family or others, including legal advisers, they entrust it to early. But if they do not give it away early enough they must completely impoverish themselves and basically become owned by the medical system and/or wait to die. They must pay all they have to the medical system then wait to die or give it to someone they think they can trust with it if they don't require medical help and are lucky enough to die quickly in their own bed all of a sudden. Those that sign everything over to family sometimes find they lose their life long earnings because that family member runs into hardship and all is still lost. The family in hardship might be young enough to recover but the old or sick do not have that hope.


. The old or sick cannot wait too long to sign everything over to the family that could be their only option to live with or seek help from other than the street. Those that fail to hoard enough wealth during their life time must accept a fate worse than many murderers, Wall Street embezzlers, or at least they must accept the same sentence as those that do evil deeds as a price one must pay for living to become old or failing to stay healthy. Woe to the one that outlives the family...That person must be very rich or stay healthy not to become the property of the state before death. Maybe the Republicans can give that person a shoestring....If it sounds like I’m blaming Republicans…well, they did win that fight and they were proud of it, so I am blaming them.


The first fight Obama caved in on was the provision in the affordable healthcare act that would have prevented people from becoming bankrupt and impoverished due to sickness or living too long and becoming old and needy. Even temporary illness in old age can cause one to lose everything fast and permanently. The Republicans went after the ill and the old first ensuring this fate was held in place for them.


We need to put that protection from total poverty due to illness or sickness back into the Affordable Care Act and soon! I know families that are forced to give up even their handicapped children to the state or impoverish the whole family to receive care for that child. I know parents that join the military because they have family members who would not be able to get care with most family plans without bankrupting the family or might in fact otherwise die if the parent did not join the military for medical care. 


The Republicans also attacked the "death panels" that would have been legal advisors that would have been made affordable or maybe even hired as public servants to guide the ill and aging through this legal maze of being old or very sick. This might have been put in place as a public service to all, rich and poor. This was the second fight Obama gave up on and the other fight all of us need to take back up, win and restore to the Affordable Care Act.


Most families find out all this only when it is too late and most families don't have family lawyers unless they are very rich or have a family business... Many don't know whom to turn to and turning to the wrong lawyer can actually kill you or leave you worried and fretting till you die from that. What are the odds of any of Americans becoming old or sick? This mattered and still does matter to every one of us. The stripping away of the dignity of an individual and their family by demanding poverty to receive care is a sentence to hell on earth.



Jacqueline Laurette Jones's curator insight, November 19, 2013 8:00 PM

A Certified Elder Law Attorney might be able to help you keep more of your money. Find one near you at

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Don’t take the Bain bait

Don’t take the Bain bait | Coffee Party News |


Regardless of whether the Obama campaign’s attack ad on Bain Capital is 100-percent accurate, its overarching message — and that of similar ads – is crystal clear. As embodied by Joe Soptik’s quote, the basic argument is that Mitt Romney is a particularly bad guy for laying off workers, ruining communities and making bank as a private equity magnate at Bain Capital.

But while Romney’s bragging about his time allegedly creating jobs certainly makes the Obama assault fair, it doesn’t make that assault constructive. Yes, it might help win Obama a few votes in a single election, and it might be a reasonable way to figure out whether Romney really has created jobs, but it subtly forwards a destructive fallacy about the root of America’s economic crisis: Namely, that the problem stems from a few especially evil individuals like Romney, not from an entire system that both Romney and Obama support.

The history of this system is well-known. Thanks to a campaign finance system that allows for a legal form of bribery, our laws have been sculpted to permit private equity firms to make a handsome profit from buying up honest businesses, loading them up with debt and dumping them into bankruptcy — all while hurting workers by raiding their pensions, slashing their benefits and laying many of them off. And even using the word “permit” doesn’t reveal the whole truth because those laws don’t just allow private equity firms to do this, they essentially require such cutthroat moves if making them is the best way to maximize profits for a private equity firm’s shareholders. (Yes, executives can be successfully sued for taking actions that are not solely in the interest of maximizing profits.)


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Mapping Out The Revolving Door Between Gov't And Big Business In Venn Diagrams

Mapping Out The Revolving Door Between Gov't And Big Business In Venn Diagrams | Coffee Party News |

Via Larry Lessig we get series of Venn diagrams showing the revolving door between big business and government. When people talk about regulatory capture, this is what they mean. When people talk about corruption and crony capitalism, this is what they mean. If you want a quick visual idea of why so few people trust this government to do the right thing for the people, rather than the big companies, this is why. [MORE diagrams]

Coffee Party USA's insight:

A great diagram for every citizen to gaze upon! Thank You Larry Lessig of Harvard Law. Great Visual! Your friend Aaron would be proud of you.

Rene Thompson's comment, March 6, 2013 4:57 PM
Why not do both parties?
Monica S Mcfeeters's comment, March 7, 2013 3:36 PM
This is most likely incomplete or it may also be due to the fact that we have a Democratic president filling jobs at the moment. It seems to record mostly those current positions that overlapped in earlier periods & show up in both parties. There does appear to be influence no matter which party is in charge.
Monica S Mcfeeters's comment, March 11, 2013 11:21 AM
Also Aaron died as a result of Obama's (Bush's to a lesser degree) push to promote a cyberwar defenses and offenses and part of that means capturing and cornering talent like Aaron's to work for the government and corporate interest. I think many people don't realize that the Republicans aren't the only ones not playing in all the various power games fairly. All of them are reaching for the power of the web and being not clearly in control of it is scary to the so called and sometimes elected "ruling class" of all governments and businesses. The cyberwar is real and citizens all over the planet need to be fully aware that it may be the most serious war of all times and hold their own share of that power through activism, shopping habits and sending strong messages to officials all over the globe. The fight isn't just out of country hacks....It is over who will control the voice and the messages of the planet and the power it gives to many groups like this and totally different groups from this to connect to one another and collectively and individually seek answers to problems and discoveries we can't even imagine. And the longing to hold on to the old power structure is now challenged more than ever in history if people all over the world don't pay attention they will lose the war and never know it happened. Aaron's army goes on to make sure that doesn't happen. His death shows how serious all governments are taking this war. He faced more years in jail than a murderer in most states and all he was trying to do was make knowledge available as a cultural share. Now that's a scary odd war like we've never seen, but it is clearly real.
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Presidential Election 2012 To Play Out On New Campaign Finance Field

Presidential Election 2012 To Play Out On New Campaign Finance Field | Coffee Party News |

BY PAUL BLUMENTHAL for Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- As Rick Santorum exits the Republican presidential primary campaign stage right and Newt Gingrich wallows in a sea of debt, the general election match-up between President Barack Obama and presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney begins in earnest. Thanks to a sea change in campaign finance laws brought about by the Supreme Court and a shift in fundraising norms driven by Obama's decision to opt out of presidential matching funds in 2008, this campaign will be unlike any other in recent memory.

The 2012 contest will be the first since 1972 in which neither major-party candidate will accept presidential matching funds in the general election. Both Obama and Romney will be free to raise as much money as they can and spend as much money as possible. The campaign will also be the first since the McCain-Feingold ban on soft money was implemented in which unlimited contributions from corporations, unions and the wealthiest Americans will play a major, if not pivotal, role. [MORE]

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