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Women are full citizens with full rights; not political diversions.
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The backlash against feminism aims to preserve the 'manosphere'

The backlash against feminism aims to preserve the 'manosphere' | Coffee Party Feminists |

[A]nti-feminist backlash occurs not when women have achieved equality but when there is any possibility that we might. It's "a pre-emptive strike" and here, I would say, it's been going on for the past five years. This is a strange time to be talking of backlashes when we have just seen several successful feminist campaigns, but we need to understand the scale of what is happening. I am glad there is a woman's face on the money. But can we have more actual money? Equal pay?

The reality is that in public life, politics, business and media, we are grossly under-represented. There are constant attacks on abortion, a push to make women dependent on partners – Iain Duncan Smith's "belief" – and women are disproportionally hit by cuts. The icons of the day are mute and "respectable" – such as Sam Cam and Kate Middleton.

The backlash started in the early 90s when to be laddish and un-PC was a bit a naughty. Liam Gallagher, described brilliantly by his brother Noel as "a man with a fork in a world of soup", was its pin-up.

Right now we are dealing with something worse: a rightwing establishment and its lackeys who have managed to convince themselves they are mavericks and who are openly anti-feminist.

Via Deanna Dahlsad
Jody MacPherson's curator insight, November 2, 2014 1:25 PM

Suzanne Moore: Those in power are legislating away women's rights at work, making sure women are not promoted, maintaining a status quo in which half the population are silent and invisible. Internet trolls are but fleas on the mangy coat of the backlash. In popular culture as in politics, as Faludi wrote, this is not an organised and centralised conspiracy. Its workings are "encoded and internalised, diffuse and chameleonic".

And meanwhile in Canada, income splitting introduced by Harper says, "it's okay married women that you're not making as much as your husband, we'll let you manipulate the books and shuffle around the money so that he doesn't have to pay his fair share of taxes and you look like you're doing much better than you actually are!"

Oh happy day. The manosphere wins again.

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Slut! Reclaim the word or banish It?

Slut! Reclaim the word or banish It? | Coffee Party Feminists |

The Limbaugh controversy is a perfect example of the complexities of reappropriating, or renouncing, the slur.


Until now, reclaiming the word “slut” never appealed to me. I fully supported the message of SlutWalk — that women don’t ask to be raped by dressing a certain way — but I had no interest in applying the slur to myself. But this Limbaugh thing has me singing a different tune. [MORE]

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