Caring Economy on Lunch with Louden • Thursdays at 12:00 PT | Coffee Party Feminists |

Jeanene Louden along with co-pilot Debilyn Molineaux will interview Maura Conlon-McIvor, PhD and Sara Saltee on Caring Economics.  Together they are co-facilitators for the Caring Economy Leadership Program, which prepares grassroots leaders from around the world to speak out for a more equitable, sustainable, and successful economic system – a system that acknowledges that the work of caring for people and the planet is the essential foundation of economic success.   The Caring Economy model emerges from decades of research on the difference between “dominator” and “partnership” values and shows how those values are at work in our current economic system and what they tell us about new potentials.  Is the work of care “external” to our economy or is it the foundation of our economy and the lynchpin of both high quality life experiences and sustainable economic success?  What is the real wealth of our nation?  If we want to grow those things which most contribute to human welfare and human development, why do our key measures of economic health (like the GNP/GDP) leave out those things entirely?  Caring Economics makes the case for accelerating change in the direction of partnership values and offers Leadership training through a 7-session online course which prepares leaders from around the world to engage others in a new conversation about economics.  You can join the conversation by calling in at (646) 929-2495, Thursday at noon PT.