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Scooped by Eric Byler!

Gun Violence Prevention: Putting It All Together

Eric Byler's insight:

Excerpt from essay by ROBERT BROWN of The Grumpy Pundit includes 5 suggestions for reducing gun violence. None involve banning assault weapsons. A starting point for dialogue at the level of active citizenship:

First, secure the schools. I’m not necessarily talking about really expensive systems here; even just locking the fucking doors would be a start. (One in three school administrators admits to leaving doors propped open. ) Right now it’s harder to get into a computer data center than into most schools. What does that say about our priorities?

Second, make sure that the various mental health facilities and organizations update the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check) database, like they’re supposed to. I mean like really make sure they do it. As in, if some head-shrinker doesn’t file the required reports, and the person goes on to kill someone, the negligent head-shrinker, or administrator faces criminal charges as an accomplice. That’ll perk ‘em up.

Third, spend some money and fix our broken mental health care system. These mass killings started after Reagan butchered the system back in the ’80s. It’s time to fix it. Colorado, is at least, making a decent start.

Fourth, stop making celebrities out of mass murderers. When someone runs onto a baseball field, they cut the camera feed from the field so as to not give that person any publicity, and encourage others. But if someone kills a bunch of people, they become the most famous person in the world, at least for a few weeks. Let’s stop doing that; do not mention the criminal’s name, do not show their picture. Instead of becoming celebrities they disappear, unworthy of mention.

Fifth, create a smart database of firearms-related purchases. This one requires a little explanation. The idea is that, as I’ve said in relation to other security problems, there are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous people. The most dangerous weapons you can imagine–an armor-piercing semi-automatic nuclear missile with a bayonet, hollow point, and a cyanide coating–isn’t going to do anyone any harm if the holder doesn’t want to do any harm. [Read full article]

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Scooped by Michael Charney!

No Republican Should Welcome Ted Nugent’s Endorsement | Lez Get Real

No Republican Should Welcome Ted Nugent’s Endorsement | Lez Get Real | Coffee Party Election Coverage |

One would have thought that after the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords the Republican Party would have wanted to distance itself from those who talk violent trash about Democrats. Nope. Didn’t happen.

Ted Nugent is about as far from any rational definition of "Republican" as you can get...

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