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Coffee Party Election Coverage
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America’s Small-Business Fetish

America’s Small-Business Fetish | Coffee Party Election Coverage |
On February 12, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) sent a message to his 62,550 followers on Twitter: “Small business is the job growth engine in this country and we need to pursue policies that reflect that reality to create jobs.”...

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When linking to this article, delete the )) in the URL to see the article. I don't know WHY Reason magazine does this. It seems very unREASONable to me. ~Debilyn
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A farewell to U.S. factories Caixin Online

A farewell to U.S. factories Caixin Online | Coffee Party Election Coverage |
Calls to address decline of manufacturing sector in the U.S. Manufacturing employment as a fraction of total employment has been declining for the past half century in the United States and the great majority of other developed countries. A 1968 book about developments in the American economy by Victor Fuchs was already entitled “The Service Economy.”
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