Brooklyn Cafe Owner’s “Loop Portrait” Is All Over Wired Right Now | Coffee News |

New York City artist Romain Laurent makes .gif loop portraits. Mr. Laurent recently photographed De Luxe Coffee owner Andy Schultz, and went on to have that work featured by Wired. By association, so is Andy.

From Wired:

The committee-driven and regulated world of advertising photography can be a constraining force on the creative mind. After moving to New York and picking up ad work, Romain Laurent was itching for a more spontaneous outlet. He started One Loop Portrait a Week as a way to satisfy his urge to improvise and get a break from the second-guessing that creeps into even personal projects as they get “serious.”

“Early in my photography days, it was just about taking a photo, and by the evening I had it done and it was online,” he says. “So my idea with this project was to try to find that spark again, the kind of creative rhythm or energy that you have when you’re younger.”