The 8 Coolest College Football Traditions; Sooner Schooner #5 | Sooner4OU |

Sooner4OU Commentary:  One of my good friends daughter was a the Rufnek gal who rode the Schooner for four years prior to this one.  She is still heavily involved even though she has done her four years atop the Schooner (the limit).  She has been mentoring others and lending support, as their is a great deal of pride in being a Rufnek.  We have sat with her in the Rufnek section and it is awesome!  In my opinion, the Sooner Schooner tradition is one of the best in college football and very dear to those with crimson blood.  Boomer!  

Article Excerpt: College football has some of the longest and most beloved traditions in sports history. From the die-hard fans to the elaborate pep rallies, marches, and tailgates, football games have become quite the spectacle. Every college has something unique to bring to the table come game day, but there are certain school traditions you just can’t beat. In no particular order, here are the eight coolest college football traditions.

#5 Sooner Schooner, OU:

Oklahoma loves its football, and that’s easy to see at just about any loud OU football game. Besides the die-hard fans and talented players, there is another exciting attraction to keep an eye out for — the Sooner Schooner. The Sooner Schooner wagon is raced across the field every time OU scores. Designed after the historical Oklahoma Conestoga wagon, Sooner Schooner is pulled by two white ponies named Boomer and Sooner and driven by the RUF/NEKS, OU’s all-male pep squad.