The longest Day Of The 2012 Season, A Humiliating 63-21 Loss To Oklahoma | Sooner4OU |

Sooner4OU Commentary: Here is a late Christmas gift for all Sooner fans: A look at how the other side saw the 2012 season unfold.  We have a lot to be thankful for given how the season played out. The horns would gladly switch the results with us. Sorry...for the late gift, but hope you enjoy!  Boomer!

Article Excerpt: There’s still some football remaining to be played — Texas closes its season on Saturday, against Oregon State — but the regular-season story has already been told.

How did the Longhorns end up in the Alamo Bowl? Here are 10 plays — some good, some bad, all season-turning and, collectively, season-defining — from Texas’ 8-4 season that have played critical parts to the story of the season: