Many In The Sooner Nation Are Upset Over The Offensive Game Plan Used Against Texas | Sooner4OU |

There is a lot of angst in the Sooner Nation surrounding Josh Heupel and his ineffective game plan and inability to adjust last Saturday. It reminds many of them of the last couple of seasons where things seem to stall and yet the approach and gameplan are stuck to regardless of the results. Heupel's post-game comments where he stated "He never considered switching from Bell during the game" only served to raise the frustration.  As what would he have done if Bell had been knocked out of the game?  Use Knight as a drop back passer?  For many it is almost unimaginable that a Division 1 offensive coordinator would not have a backup plan that could still potentially win the game.  It just seems to reack of arrogance and poor planning. 

Others point out that Heupel's is now a relative of Boren's and is not concerned what others think.  Whatever it is the Sooner Nation as a whole is not amused and has plenty to say about it.  What do you think? Boomer!