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Submitted by Kristin Zhivago on Sep 17, 2011

Kristin Zhivago of Revenue Journal interviews Sam Decker of the company Mass Relevance, and the outcome is an excellent read.


I particularly like this example of possible social media advertising:


"Think of Coca Cola being able to pull all the (public) pictures posted to Twitter in the last hour of people drinking a can of Coke next to a pool. Pictures taken by real customers. That's the context: "Here are pictures of people who just had a Coke next to a pool in the last hour." Imagine these pictures on display at a large grocery store, served up in real time. People would look at it and think, "Oh, that looks good."


"Yes, that's right. Curation is more than just filtering and moderating. How do we take it from curation to integration? For example, when someone has a mobile phone why are they going to that mobile site? What are they looking for? When they're coming to your home page, when they're going to your product page, when they're going to your reach-out site and they see your product, what could curation do, to bring in real-time content?"

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