Search Results and Quality Content is an Oxymoron | Collaborative Content-Curation: new Forms of Reading & Writing #curation #journalism #education #e-learning |

This is a glitch in search today but someone is building a better mousetrap and we just have to live with the noise for the time being.


Hopefully those of us who curate are helping people find good, relevant pieces on a particluar topic as things evolve.




Like it or not we are a search driven society. Thus this post could have easily been titled, "Content for content's sake" or "Crappy content for search engines", or "The difference between worthle.


 Good content takes time. Good content that we may value, may take even longer to produce and in some cases may take longer to find. Why? If the person who has authored it has not written equally for search engines as well as for their audience, and if it doesn’t possess the ”right” linkage and properties that meet Google’s search algoritham-it may fall quietly by the wayside. Thus we have more noise than signal and more of a glut of worthless, search friendly content.

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