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The Psychology of Language: Persuasive words for biz stories

The Psychology of Language: Persuasive words for biz stories | Coaching Leaders |
What's actually going on in the brain when it processes language? And if words affect the mind in different ways, are some more persuasive than others?

Via Karen Dietz, Richard Andrews, Jean-Philippe D'HALLUIN
Denyse Drummond-Dunn's curator insight, April 8, 2013 7:09 AM

I agree with most of them, but a few don't resonate. Which do you find most useful? 

Karen Dietz's comment, April 8, 2013 4:59 PM
For me it's the art of asking questions, removing 'is', and then 'free'!
Karen Dietz's comment, April 16, 2013 12:38 PM
Thanks Vicki! I'm so glad you found it both powerful and helpful. Hope you are doing well :)
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To Succeed in Sales, Suspend Your Self-Interest

To Succeed in Sales, Suspend Your Self-Interest | Coaching Leaders |

Finally this article says what everyone should know about sale, but it's also valid both in the social media world and, of course, in the real life. Be a person who gives is always the best path to receive more in return, even if you do not expect that and it's not your goal. [note Martin Gysler]



Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver, says high-pressure sales are the wrong way to go.


To many people, sales is a shady profession, predicated on shark-like closing techniques, manipulation, and shallow, transactional relationships. Bob Burg says that’s exactly the wrong approach. “Top salespeople, the best of the best, understand that when it comes to selling, it isn’t about them or their product or service. It’s about the other person and how they benefit from it,” he says. Burg, co-author (with John David Mann) of the bestselling The Go-Giver: A Little Story about a Powerful Business Idea and their follow-up Go-Givers Sell More, admits his emphasis on the other person “sounds Pollyanna-ish.” But he’s convinced that a low-pressure – even no-pressure – approach will ultimately result in far more sales (not to mention greater career satisfaction for its practitioners).


Read more:

Via Martin Gysler
Nuava Solutions's curator insight, December 19, 2012 10:47 AM

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Storytelling is Us – Homo Narrans

Storytelling is Us – Homo Narrans | Coaching Leaders |

"Storytelling is Us – Homo Narrans. Storytelling is a uniquely human activity that occurs throughout all areas of life."


Hi Karen, thank you so much for appreciation my suggestions to you! I found this seems interesting! Have a great new week! :-)

What a delightful article about storytelling as a tradition, the connection of story to sales, and how you and I are storytellers. This is a piece that will definitely brighten you day!

Thank you to Giuseppe Mauriello for sending me this. Both he and the article are gems.

Via Karen Dietz
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Without This Skill, You Won't Succeed

Without This Skill, You Won't Succeed | Coaching Leaders |

Communication skills are critical for a business owner, and you’ll learn more about communication by working in sales, than you will anywhere else.


In fact, sales skills are the one skill that every business owner needs to master, as this skill is needed to convince others an idea makes sense, to show bosses or investors how a project or business will generate a return, to help employees understand the benefits of a new process, etc.


This excellent article, advances five benefits to be gained by developing sales skills and suggests that without developing sales skills a business owner will always struggle to be successful.

Via Daniel Watson
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How to Create a Life-Changing Presentation

How to Create a Life-Changing Presentation | Coaching Leaders |
Life-changing presentations share a set of common attributes. In this guest post, John Richardson elaborates on his SPARK method.


What a nice recap of the elements that create a compelling presentation -- you know, those presentations that are meaningful to you in some, keep you inspired, and spark action on your part.



Via Karen Dietz, Richard Andrews
Rowan Norrie's comment, March 16, 2012 4:02 AM
so true Karen! The most memorable presentation I ever heard was about Harley Davidson. The stage was empty and suddently the space was filled with the roar of a Harley. The speaker then drove onto the stage. Talk about kinesthetic! He told the heartwarming Harley story with ups and downs. When he showed the video of thousands of bikes driving through a town on one of their rallies, there was a lump in my throat.

That presentation must have been about 15 years ago, and I still remember it.

Have a good weekend!
Karen Dietz's comment, March 16, 2012 12:08 PM
What an amazing experience Rowan! Wish I had been there with you to see it myself. Sounds awesome! I've got some talks coming up and my creative juices are flowing :)
Karen Dietz's comment, March 17, 2012 9:19 AM
Thank you Gisele for re-scooping this article! Have a wonderful day :)
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