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Rise by lifting others - GlobalFocus

Rise by lifting others - GlobalFocus | Coaching Leaders |
Many companies confuse purpose, vision and mission statements, often using them interchangeably, blurring their true meaning.

Purpose is what guides you. It articulates why you do what you do, why your organisation exists.
Mission is what drives you. It is the strategic path your organisation follows to fulfil your vision.
Vision is what you aspire to. It is the destination it you wish to reach, the state into which you hope to transform over time.
In other words, Purpose is your why. Mission is your how. Vision is your where and what.
David Hain's insight:

Excellent Mahindra case study by Kenneth Mikkelsen, @LeadershipABC, on how an organisation makes 'purpose-driven' meaningful and practical!

donhornsby's curator insight, June 23, 9:51 AM
Merely looking at what worked in the past will not solve the interconnected challenges we face today. Truly purpose-driven organisations are built on future needs rather than best practices. To become tomorrow’s company, leaders must have the courage to invent future practices, which go beyond today’s predominant management principles. Leaders need to learn from early adopters in this field to progress their thinking, learning, behaving and being.
Ron McIntyre's curator insight, June 26, 1:40 AM

Totally agree, what about you and your teams?

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Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership

Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership | Coaching Leaders |

Gary Burnison considers leadership to be a privilege. Most people like the idea of leadership but few count the cost. He says, “To lead is to be all in, transparent and accessible, calm in the face of upset and even crisis, and always mindful that you are a steward of something bigger than yourself.”

Via Gary Morrison, AlGonzalezinfo, Roy Sheneman, PhD
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