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Why Intuit Founder Scott Cook Wants You To Stop Listening To Your Boss

Why Intuit Founder Scott Cook Wants You To Stop Listening To Your Boss | Coaching Leaders |


Via Philippe Vallat
David Hain's insight:

"...So I said, wait a minute. Whenever reasonable, let's move from decisions by persuasion to decisions by experiment." - Intuit founder

Philippe Vallat's curator insight, November 6, 2014 3:29 AM

I like that one: "you make better decisions because it's actually real consumers or real production methods that aren't based on theory or a PowerPoint. It's based on real results."

Philippe Vallat's curator insight, November 6, 2014 3:31 AM

Lean-Startup approach: experiment, experiment, experiment again...

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#HR #RRHH #Teamwork Takes Work: 7 Ways to Play Nice With Others

#HR #RRHH #Teamwork Takes Work: 7 Ways to Play Nice With Others | Coaching Leaders |

Remember your kindergarten report card, when you were evaluated on things like your ability to follow directions, name the colors, and sing the alphabet? It also included an early assessment of a skill that would influence your success for the rest of your life: the ability to "play well with others." The criteria were pretty basic at the time: share, wait your turn, don't hit or yell, help when someone is struggling. As you grow up, many of the same basic principles apply, but situations can be much more complicated for adults to play well together and still achieve desired results.


Context and personal needs often create internal conflict when trying to weigh the needs of the few against the good of the whole. And as a leader, sometimes you have to make a conscious choice to make others unhappy. Still, with a little finesse, you can meet objectives and still all play in a happy sandbox. You may not satisfy everyone all of the time, but then working together to resolve conflicts, rather than just being pleasant all of the time, can make a team stronger.

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The Learning Factor's curator insight, August 19, 2014 7:35 PM

The workplace is basically an adult sandbox. There are those that play together well, those who are aloof and of course there are bullies. These tips will help you manage them all.

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Does Your Passion Overshadow Another’s?

Does Your Passion Overshadow Another’s? | Coaching Leaders |

It can be like an overpowering cologne or perfume. When someone enters the room, the scent overtakes everything, and we can barely breathe.


The same happens when someone’s individual passion overtakes a conversation or decision. What seems to be the unfortunate goal is for one person’s passion to be imposed on others. It is passion domination!


The discussion on passion in organizations gets very interesting as we dig into it. There are issues to be highlighted and resolved.


One key question is:  Can passion be transferred?


The question centers on two dimensions:


1) Personal passion

2) Organization passion


Read the complete discussion and join the conversation.

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