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If you don't like how things are going, tell a different story. Sometimes strategic change just means taking something from the periphery — an anomaly, a demonstration, a small innovation — and redefining it as central.


Truer words could not be said!


When it comes to organizational storytelling, updating or rewriting a narrative is essential work sometimes. The stories we tell about ourselves and share -- whether as an enterprise, small biz, or nonprofit -- shape the results we experience. 


Want different results? Then shift your stories. Rewrite them (don't fabricate -- still be authentic) to emphasize different qualities. Or find new/different stories to tell altogether.


This is particularly important when, as the author Rosabeth Moss Kanter says, the current narratives inhibit rather than inspire.


This is a quick article with really good examples and important insights that I know you will enjoy.


So that leaves the following question on the table -- What biz stories do you carry that need to be rewritten? 


Read the full article here: http://blogs.hbr.org/kanter/2012/06/if-you-dont-like-your-future-r.html?awid=8310310616569395416-3271


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