PwC's Annual Global CEO Survey - 2013 | Coaching Leaders |
In PwC's Global CEO Survey, CEOs discuss how to be agile in a volatile economic climate, turn adversity into opportunity, be more socially aware, and gain competitive edge.


What are CEOs doing to make their organisations more resilient in a complex and rapidly changing competitive environment?

How confident do CEOs feel given the state of the economy?

Where do CEOs see the best immediate opportunities for business growth?

PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, now in its sixteenth year, aims to inform and stimulate the debate on how businesses are facing today’s challenges. Over the years, thousands of CEOs around the world have taken the time to share their views with us.


In total, we conducted 1,330 interviews with CEOs in 68 countries between 5 September and 4 December 2012. By region, 449 interviews were conducted in Asia Pacific, 312 in Western Europe, 227 in North America, 165 in Latin America, 95 in Central and Eastern Europe, 50 in Africa and 32 in the Middle East. The interviews were spread across a range of industries, with further details by region and industry, available on request.


To better appreciate CEOs’ perspectives for 2013, we also conducted in-depth interviews with 33 CEOs from five continents over the fourth quarter of 2012, and more extensive extracts can be found in this website where you can explore responses by sector and location.

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