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Rescooped by David Hain from The Leadership Lab by ANZIZAR!

Why You Need a Business Coach

Why You Need a Business Coach | Coaching Leaders |

An outsider's perspective can be more valuable than you suspect.


Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell.

Jodie Foster leaned on Robert De Niro.

Andy Murray has Ivan Lendl.

High performers in any field typically have a coach or mentor. A great coach provides you with the benefit of their experience and asks more questions than they answer. They force you to think about your business in ways that you wouldn’t do on your own.

Via The Learning Factor, Jose Luis Anzizar
David Hain's insight:

Everyone needs a coach!

The Learning Factor's curator insight, November 6, 2013 6:46 PM

The greats from all walks of life use a coach to get even better. But don’t obsess over finding a mentor from your own industry. Sometimes the very best coaches know nothing about your industry. It is their status as an outsider that makes their perspective so valuable.

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What Makes a Great Life and Career Mentor?

What Makes a Great Life and Career Mentor? | Coaching Leaders |

"In the midst of preparing a plan for my life and career journey, I knew I needed a mentor. Someone who held high-level positions in the PR industry, to advise me on higher education, skill-development and to assist me in properly planning my career."


"But what should one look for in a mentor?"


"The best mentor is someone who provides professional knowledge and expertise about the career field, and answers questions about a job and/or education. A mentor can go as far as helping the mentee see past a specific problem or job issue and forms a clear vision to help achieve their career goals."


"The first step in finding the right mentor is realizing who you are and what you aspire to become. You will also see there are many types of mentors... My suggestion is to seek out all mentoring possibilities!"


"From my experience, an outstanding mentor possesses 10 highly desirable qualities:"

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Rescooped by David Hain from What I Wish I Had Known!

10 Keys to Real Entrepreneur Mentoring Satisfaction

Every entrepreneur can learn from a mentor, no matter how confident or successful they have been to date. Even one of the richest, Bill Gates, still values his friend Warren Buffett as his mentor. Yet these relationships require special efforts on both sides to be productive and satisfying. Mentoring is not as simple as one person giving the other all the right answers.



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