Did You Just Hear That Millions Is Wasted On Ineffective Training? | Coaching Leaders | Scoop.it

In the past fortnight, CIPD released their Learning and Talent Development Survey 2013. The survey results show that 74% of organisations in the UK currently use eLearning, but only 15% report that it is one of the most effective training methods available to them. I suspect the numbers are similar around the globe.


So how much of an organisation’s training budget is spent on the development of eLearning? Recent IBIS research shows that $26 billion is spent globally on eLearning or 13% of all training expenditure. Why are so many organisations continuing to invest in eLearning modules if it is not the most effective way to train their people? The same CIPD study also found that only 31% of organisations reported that most employees completed an eLearning course. Immediately the true cost of that “cost-effective” eLearning module exploded. How can the ROI be justified to any CEO or CFO?

Via The Learning Factor