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Why So Many Leadership Programs Ultimately Fail

Why So Many Leadership Programs Ultimately Fail | Coaching Leaders |

In other words, the critical challenge of leadership is, mostly, the challenge of emotional courage.


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AlGonzalezinfo's curator insight, August 16, 2013 6:54 AM

Provocative post here by Peter Bregman on the need to apply the leadership lessons back to the workplace, specifically the emotional courage needed to give work through uncomfortable situations, provide direct feedback and be vulnerable. 


From the post:


The only way to teach courage is to require it of people. To offer them opportunities to draw from the courage they already have. To give them opportunities to step into real situations they find uncomfortable and truly take the time to connect with the sensations that come with that.


For example, most leadership programs give people feedback from anonymously collected forms they and their colleagues fill out before the program. That's safe.


In the leadership week I conduct for senior leaders, I have people give each other real feedback, in real time, face-to-face with each other, based on what they're witnessing in the program.


That's courageous.


And the more they take those kinds of risks during the week — risks to be vulnerable, to communicate hard things, to listen to hard things, to try a new behavior — the more they will take those same risks in real life, when it matters most.

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Have you tried a leadership program? Did it work for you?


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Risk vs Reward: a Lesson from The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Risk vs Reward: a Lesson from The Tale of Peter Rabbit | Coaching Leaders |
How do you decide when to accept advice or follow instructions given? Do you weigh them to evaluate the risk? If the risk is greater than the reward, what do you do then?

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