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I Provide services for clients to manage and optimize their image on Social Networks.especially on FACEBOOK to begin, then TWITTER, LINKED IN, FOURSQUARE, FLICK'R, SCOOP.IT, and at least G+.This presence represents a major stake today for any organization, profit-seeking or not, and requires a very good expertise of the social networks. It also require a pad of consequent and contacts multi channels, hours spent to stay up the net, and to lead groups or communities. It is thus crucial to become attached to it and, so that it is assured in optimal conditions of success, to outsource it to an expert. At least, it require to be multi lingual. Concerning me, it's : French, of course, then English, and Spanish. Philippe TREBAUL - 06 42 97 88 47 - @a_z_CM2 - FACEBOOK :
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Rescooped by Philippe Trebaul from visualizing social media!

Password: Your Days Are Numbered (Infographic)

Password: Your Days Are Numbered (Infographic) | COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT - CM2 |

Think your password will protect you? Think again. New research shows that passwords are not a viable security practice. We created this infographic with Ping Identity to examine the false security of passwords.

Via Lauren Moss
webinane's curator insight, October 15, 2014 1:18 AM

good design

Momentum Factor's curator insight, October 15, 2014 1:58 PM

It will be a great day when creating and remembering a password, (or remembering where you stored the password) are finally obsolete.

Rescooped by Philippe Trebaul from visualizing social media!

How and Why Social Engineering Works [Infographic]

How and Why Social Engineering Works [Infographic] | COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT - CM2 |

For many people in today’s world, being “online” has become a constant status. High-speed internet, smart phones and tablet PC’s have enabled us to stay connected whenever and wherever we are.

Social hackers capitalize on vulnerabilities when it comes to keeping personal details private, and the problem has only seemed to get worse as the digital age has developed.

Techniques as simple as looking over a shoulder as someone enters bank details or passwords are often used, as well as sending out deceiving emails ridden with malware and viruses that can take control of your computer. Hackers pose as a trusted entity in email blasts that utilize mind tricks to get the viewer to click on the link that will trigger the infection of your computer.

Everyone with an internet connection is vulnerable, and public awareness is the first step in ending this growing problem...

Via Lauren Moss
Cam's curator insight, March 12, 2013 4:50 AM

Infographics are always fun!