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I Provide services for clients to manage and optimize their image on Social Networks.especially on FACEBOOK to begin, then TWITTER, LINKED IN, FOURSQUARE, FLICK'R, SCOOP.IT, and at least G+.This presence represents a major stake today for any organization, profit-seeking or not, and requires a very good expertise of the social networks. It also requires a pad of consequent and contacts multi channels, hours spent to stay up the net, and to lead groups or communities. It is thus crucial to become attached to it and, so that it is assured in optimal conditions of success, to outsource it to an expert. At last, it requires to be multi lingual. Concerning me, it's : French, of course, then English, and Spanish. Philippe TREBAUL - 06 42 97 88 47 - @TheMisterFavor - @Socialfave - FACEBOOK  : Cies on IN: AND: Cie on G+: Join me on FB: Join me on IN: FB Pages: Cie on FB: Follow us! Philippe CEO of Socialfave
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Effective Facebook Engagement: Beer Industry Analysis

Effective Facebook Engagement: Beer Industry Analysis | COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT - CM2 |

Success and the impact of your Facebook community can be defined in several ways. 

But commonly used metrics such as fan size and engagement percentage don’t tell the whole story. To truly measure the effectiveness of your Facebook communities you need to understand post effectiveness and competitive ranking.

It’s become fairly standard to track metrics such as the size of the community, post frequency, and engagement. Indeed, these are all important parts of the bigger picture and need to be considered. At BRANDERATI, though, we take the analysis one step further and look deeper into the data. We measure the overall page and post effectiveness (more on this below) and compare brands’ performance against their key competitors. You see, to determine the overall success of a Facebook page it is crucial to look at measures that will offer a weighted balance of size and engagement effectiveness, as well as look at how the community performs against other similar communities in the digital ecosystem.

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METRICS - Facebook Adds New Metrics to Insights for Brand Pages Blog

METRICS - Facebook Adds New Metrics to Insights for Brand Pages Blog | COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT - CM2 |
Jenni Maley gives you the early access tour of the update to Facebook's Insights for Brand Pages.

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Peg Corwin's curator insight, July 19, 2013 10:25 PM

Learn how info on pages, posts and people will be displayed in your Facebook Insights, if not now, shortly.